Snapchat’s Latest AR and ML Tools for Brands and Advertisers

At the 2024 IAB NewFronts event, Snapchat made waves by announcing a suite of innovative augmented reality (AR) and machine learning (ML) tools. These tools are designed to empower brands and advertisers, allowing them to connect with users on the social network through interactive experiences. Let’s dive into the exciting features that Snapchat has rolled out:

1. Accelerated AR Try-On Asset Creation

Snapchat has been investing heavily in ML and automation to streamline the process of creating AR try-on assets. Brands can now transform their 2D product catalogs into engaging try-on experiences more efficiently than ever before. Imagine virtually trying on that trendy pair of sunglasses or testing out a new shade of lipstick—all within the app.

2. Branded AR Ads with Generative AI

The real magic lies in Snapchat’s generative AI technology. Brands can provide a simple text or image prompt, and the AI generates a unique ML model. This model adds realistic face effects to custom Lenses, which can then be used as AR ads. Imagine playful animations, quirky filters, or even virtual accessories superimposed on users’ faces—all powered by AI. It’s a win-win for both brands and users.

3. AR Extensions Across Ad Formats

Snapchat isn’t stopping there. Advertisers can now integrate AR Lenses and filters directly into various ad formats, including Dynamic Product Ads, Snap Ads, Collection Ads, Commercials, and Spotlight Ads. Whether it’s showcasing a new product or creating an immersive brand experience, AR Extensions offer endless possibilities.

Introducing Sponsored AR Filters

Create Shareable Moments with Snapchatters

Today, Snapchat launches Sponsored AR Filters—a groundbreaking AR ad offering that extends brands’ reach beyond the pre-capture Lens Carousel. Unlike traditional Lenses, Sponsored AR Filters appear after Snapchatters capture their content using the Camera. Users can access these filters by swiping to the post-capture Filter Carousel. With over 5 billion Snaps created daily, brands now have the opportunity to participate in even more shareable moments and fully own the Snapchat Camera experience.

Key Features of Sponsored AR Filters:

  1. Staying Culturally Relevant with Branded Moments: Sponsored AR Filters seamlessly integrate brands into major tentpole events and everyday moments. Whether it’s a holiday, a sports championship, or a trending meme, brands can be part of the conversation.
  2. Easing Filter Production with Fun Templates: Advertisers can upload existing assets and build Filters using a variety of templates. These templates include AR face Filters, location-based overlays, countdown timers, quiz generators, and more. Creativity knows no bounds!
  3. Maximizing Brand Awareness and Engagement: By leveraging Sponsored AR Filters alongside pre-capture Sponsored Lenses, brands ensure optimal visibility and impact across the entire Snapchat Camera experience. Engage users with interactive and memorable content.
  4. Capturing Measurement Signals: Calls to action (CTAs) integrated into Sponsored AR Filters allow advertisers to capture valuable mid-funnel signals. Guide Snapchatters toward specific conversion actions and measure campaign success.
  5. Lowering the Barrier to Entry for AR Ads: Advertisers can effortlessly create Sponsored AR Filters in under 10 minutes using Lens Web Builder—a free DIY tool for Filter and Lens creation. Budget-conscious brands can participate without external production costs.
Snapchat's Latest AR and ML Tools for Brands and Advertisers
Snapchat’s Latest AR and ML Tools for Brands and Advertisers

How to Build AR Filter Campaigns on Ads Manager

  1. Build Your Ad through Advanced Create on Ads Manager:
    • Log in to Ads Manager.
    • Create a new campaign or select an existing one.
    • Choose “Advanced Create” to access more customization options.
  2. Select Camera and AR Filter Placement:
    • Under placements, choose “Camera and AR Filter.”
    • This ensures that your Sponsored AR Filter appears in the right context—after Snapchatters capture their content using the Snapchat Camera.
  3. Set Up the Rest of Your Campaign:
    • Define your target audience, budget, and schedule.
    • Craft compelling ad copy and CTAs.
    • Align your campaign goals with your business objectives.
  4. Browse for the Filter You’ve Created:
    • In the ad creation process, select the Sponsored AR Filter you built on Lens Web Builder.
    • Ensure it resonates with your campaign message and branding.
  5. Publish Your Ad Campaign:
    • Review all settings and details.
    • Hit the publish button to launch your Sponsored AR Filter campaign.

Remember, Sponsored AR Filters allow you to engage Snapchatters in unique and memorable ways. Whether it’s enhancing a special event or promoting a product, AR Filters offer endless creative possibilities. Start building today and make your brand stand out on Snapchat!

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