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At HyScaler, your career is a journey of innovation and impact. Be a part of our mission to redefine business with cutting-edge solutions. Join us, grow, and make your mark on the future of work.
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Our Team: The Heart of Our Company

Meet the driving force behind our success: Our Teams. This section celebrates the diverse talents and personalities that make up our company, highlighting the unity and individuality at the core of our collaborative spirit.

We are on a mission to innovate, inspire, and exceed expectations. Our commitment to excellence drives every aspect of what we do. Together, with our dedicated team and valued customers, we're shaping a future where possibilities are endless.

- Message from CEO

Rajesh Kumar LoharRajesh Kumar Lohar
Sandeep Kumar MishraSandeep Kumar Mishra
Manish DasManish Das
Rajat Kumar PatelRajat Kumar Patel
Prakash Kumar JenaPrakash Kumar Jena
G. VidyaG. Vidya
Somyaranjan SahooSomyaranjan Sahoo
Biswajit NayakBiswajit Nayak
Biswajit NayakBiswajit Nayak
Bibhu Prasad BeheraBibhu Prasad Behera
Ashish MohantyAshish Mohanty
Kahnu Charan SwainKahnu Charan Swain
Manish DasManish Das
Yajnaseni JenaYajnaseni Jena
Ashish MohantyAshish Mohanty
Subrata Kumar RoutSubrata Kumar Rout


At Hyscaler, we foster a culture of innovation for our clients and people alike. We believe that work-life balance is essential to a productive, diverse, and fulfilling workplace, and we empower our team to find the flexibility that works best for them.

Top Tech

Top Tech

At HyScaler, we are at the forefront of the tech industry, deploying cutting-edge technology that is shaping the very landscape of technology itself. Joining our team means becoming a part of the top-tier talent driving innovation and setting new standards in the tech world.

Impactful Work

Professional Development

Hyscaler, as an organization committed to fostering continuous professional development, is proactively investing in elevating the skills and expertise of its workforce in targeted technologies and domains.


Real-World Challenges

Hyscaler is dedicated to addressing significant real-world challenges with widespread societal or industry implications. Joining our team means engaging in projects that tackle pressing issues and contribute to innovative solutions.

Training & Support

Equal Opportunity

At Hyscaler, we wholeheartedly embrace the fundamental principle of equity within our workplace. Our unwavering commitment extends to cultivating an environment where each and every employee is afforded equal opportunities to realize their full potential. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion transcends mere formality; rather, it is intricately woven into the very fabric of our core values and strategic vision.

Fun Activities

Milestones and Achievements

At Hyscaler, we prioritize acknowledging and celebrating the dedication and achievements of our employees. From small victories like meeting tight deadlines with a pizza party to grand galas for major project launches, we ensure that our team's hard work is recognized and rewarded.

Rewards & Recognition

Comprehensive Benefits Package

At Hyscaler, we value the health and well-being. So our comprehensive benefits package extends medical coverage not only to employees but also to their loved ones, ensuring access to essential healthcare support.

Employee Testimonial


HyScaler's Spectrum: A Collage of Moments

Dive into 'HyScaler's Spectrum,' a vibrant showcase of our company's diverse experiences. From impromptu snapshots to professional highlights, this collection offers a panoramic view of the unique and dynamic world of HyScaler.

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