Anthropic’s Business Strategy: New “Team” Plan & iOS App

Anthropic, a well-funded generative AI startup, has unveiled its business plan targeting enterprises with the launch of a new premium plan called “Team” alongside a user-friendly iOS app. This move signals Anthropic’s business strategic shift toward broader market reach and increased user adoption.

Anthropic’s Businesses with Advanced AI Capabilities

The “Team” plan is specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses, particularly those in highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and legal. This plan offers several key features that enhance security, control, and functionality for enterprise users:

Prioritized Access to Claude 3: Team subscribers receive priority access to Anthropic’s latest Claude 3 family of AI models, ensuring optimal performance and faster response times within a crucial business environment.

Imagine a team of financial analysts needing real-time market analysis – prioritized access to Claude 3 guarantees they receive the latest data and insights promptly, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Enhanced Security and User Management: Understanding the importance of data security, especially in sensitive industries like healthcare, Anthropic’s business prioritizes robust security features within the Team plan. Businesses can leverage these features to manage user access with granular controls.

Assigning roles and permissions ensures that only authorized personnel can access specific functionalities within Claude 3. Additionally, user activity tracking allows businesses to monitor usage patterns and identify potential areas for optimization or training. This comprehensive approach fosters responsible and secure AI utilization within the organization.

Increased Usage and Collaboration Features: The Team plan provides “greater usage per user” compared to the individual Pro plan. This translates to a significant increase in the number of interactions users can have with Claude 3, facilitating efficient workflows.

Anthropic's business
Source: Anthropic

For instance, a marketing team collaborating on social media content can leverage Claude 3 to generate multiple draft headlines, analyze audience sentiment, and even suggest relevant visuals – all within their allotted usage limit.

Additionally, Anthropic’s business plans to introduce collaboration features in the coming weeks, further enhancing the Team plan’s value proposition. These features include:

Citations for Verification: Addressing a common concern with generative AI models, the ability to verify AI-generated claims through citations will enhance trust and transparency within business operations. Imagine a legal team relying on Claude 3 to draft a contract. With access to citations, the team can verify the legal basis for each clause, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Data Repository Integrations: Team functionalities will expand to integrate with data repositories like codebases and customer relationship management platforms (CRMs).

This allows for seamless data flow and enriched AI interactions. A software development team can leverage Claude 3 to analyze existing code within their codebase, identify potential bugs, and even suggest code improvements – all while Claude 3 seamlessly accesses relevant data points.

Similarly, a sales team can utilize Claude 3 to personalize email outreach to clients by integrating customer data from their CRM.

Collaborative Canvas: A highly intriguing feature planned for the Team plan is a collaborative canvas. This will enable team members to work together on AI-generated documents and projects in real time.

Imagine a design team brainstorming marketing campaign ideas. They can utilize Claude 3 to generate initial concepts, refine them collaboratively on the canvas, and seamlessly integrate feedback from different team members.

This fosters a more collaborative and productive AI workflow, unlocking the full potential of human-AI collaboration.

These features within the Team plan position Anthropic to capture a significant share of the enterprise AI market. As businesses transition from experimentation to full-scale AI deployment for transformative outcomes, Anthropic’s business focus on security, control, and collaboration aligns strategically with these evolving needs.

However, Anthropic’s business acknowledges the challenges of convincing businesses to adopt AI solutions.

A recent Gartner survey revealed that nearly half (49%) of companies struggle to estimate and demonstrate the value of AI projects – making them a tough sell internally. Additionally, a separate poll from McKinsey found that two-thirds (66%) of executives believe that generative AI is years away from generating substantive business results.

Despite these concerns, corporate spending on generative AI is forecasted to be enormous. IDC expects that it’ll reach $15.1 billion in 2027, highlighting the vast potential of this technology within the enterprise landscape.

Anthropic’s business isn’t alone in targeting the enterprise AI market. OpenAI, a leading competitor, boasts over 600,000 users subscribed to the enterprise tier of its generative AI platform, ChatGPT Enterprise.

Both Anthropic and OpenAI offer competitively priced plans, with Anthropic’s business Team plan starting at $30 per user per month and OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise reportedly ranging from $30 to $60 per user per month depending on subscription size.