About Our Company

Discover Our History and Mission and See How We're Dedicated to Providing Excellent IT Services.

Who we are

We are a dynamic IT consulting and service company driven by passion and innovation. With 150+ talented professionals, we foster a people-first culture and are certified as a Best Place to Work. Achieving 2x growth in the last financial year, we are dedicated to delivering the best solutions for our clients.





Our Mission

At HyScaler, our mission is to serve as a reliable and trusted partner and advisor, working collaboratively with businesses to help them achieve their objectives and drive significant transformation in their operations. We strive to understand each client's unique needs and provide tailored, innovative solutions across strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations.

Our team of dedicated experts is committed to empowering clients with the latest advancements in AI, ML, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies, ensuring they stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By fostering long-term relationships built on trust, transparency, and shared success, HyScaler aims to revolutionize the way organizations grow, adapt, and thrive in the face of complex challenges.

Our Vision

At HyScaler, our vision is to become a global leader in IT services by developing and implementing cutting-edge AI, ML, Blockchain, and other advanced technologies to create sustainable, intelligent, and secure solutions for businesses, communities, and the world. We strive to harness the power of technology to transform the way people live, work, and connect, while remaining committed to the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical innovation.

By staying true to our vision, HyScaler aims to shape a future that transcends technological boundaries, transforming lives and enabling progress for businesses, societies, and the planet.

Distinguished Certifications and Achievements

At HyScaler, we take pride in our certified and trusted team. Our proficiency is more than just a credential; it's your assurance of exceptional outcomes.

Left DesignNetTantra - Great Place to Work CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - Great Place to Work CertificationIt's not just about the work, but the laughter, camaraderie, and shared dreams. This is a nod to our vibrant culture where every voice matters and every day is a new chance to inspire.award badge
NetTantra - Great Place to Work Certification
Left DesignOdisha Leadership Awards 2024 (Best Employer Brand)Right Design
Odisha Leadership Awards 2024 (Best Employer Brand)Awarded for excellence in building a distinctive identity as an employer, this accolade underscores the recipient's success in creating and maintaining a workplace that attracts and retains top talent.award badge
Odisha Leadership Awards 2024 (Best Employer Brand)
Left DesignBest Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm 2023Right Design
Best Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm 2023In 2023, we proudly claim the title of 'Best Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm.' Our commitment to innovation and tailored solutions sets us apart as your trusted partners in the digital landscape, delivering success stories for our clients.award badge
Best Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm 2023