OpenStack Improves AI Infrastructure: Discover High-Performance Workloads


In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), managing complex infrastructure remains a formidable challenge. Enterprises, driven by the promise of innovation and competitive advantage, seek solutions that offer scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

OpenStack Improves AI, a leading open-source cloud computing platform, emerges as a pivotal player in addressing these challenges. With the recent launch of version 29, dubbed ‘Caracal,’ OpenStack Improves AI emphasizes its commitment to enhancing support for AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

The Role of OpenStack Improves AI in Enterprise Cloud Management

OpenStack Improves AI enables enterprises to manage private clouds on-premises, akin to the capabilities of AWS, the industry giant in public cloud services. Despite 29 releases, OpenStack remains one of the most active open-source projects globally. Its versatility caters to a diverse user base, ranging from retail giants like Walmart to telecommunications behemoths like NTT.

Amidst varied industries, the common thread among enterprises is the imperative to deploy AI models into production while safeguarding data integrity and maintaining control over the entire technology stack.

OpenStack’s Strategic Position Amidst Growing Investments in Data Center Infrastructure

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang foresees a multi-trillion dollar investment wave into data center infrastructure. While large hyperscalers command a significant share, private deployments emerge as a substantial segment, necessitating a robust software layer for management.

OpenStack Improves AI stands out as a comprehensive alternative to VMware’s offerings, especially amid uncertainties following VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom. The shifting landscape prompts many VMware users to explore alternatives, with OpenStack gaining renewed attention.

OpenStack Improves AI

Global Expansion and Market Penetration

OpenStack’s growth trajectory extends beyond traditional markets, notably flourishing in the Asia-Pacific region. The OpenInfra Foundation’s latest Platinum Member, Okestro, a South Korean cloud provider, underscores the platform’s appeal in AI-centric markets. Furthermore, Europe’s stringent data sovereignty laws drive adoption, exemplified by the UK’s Dawn AI supercomputer running on OpenStack Improves AI. The convergence of regulatory compliance, technological innovation, and market demand sets the stage for OpenStack’s continued expansion.

Embracing New Horizons: OpenStack’s Evolution

The latest release, Caracal, introduces pivotal features tailored for AI and HPC workloads. Notable enhancements include support for vGPU live migrations in Nova, OpenStack’s core compute service.

This empowers users to efficiently manage GPU hardware, a crucial asset for AI applications, through seamless workload mobility. Additionally, security enhancements, such as rule-based access control, fortify OpenStack’s resilience in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

Streamlined Upgrades and Enhanced Stability

OpenStack’s transition to the ‘Skip Level Upgrade Release Process (SLURP) streamlines the upgrade process, alleviating past concerns about complexity and instability. The biennial SLURP releases offer a stable upgrade path, complementing the original six-month release cycle. This cadence strikes a balance between innovation and stability, catering to diverse enterprise needs and fostering confidence in OpenStack’s long-term viability.

Maturation and Sustainability: OpenStack’s Journey

OpenStack Improves AI has navigated through cycles of perception, evolving into a mature system backed by a sustainable ecosystem. Its success in the telco sector has played a pivotal role in this maturation process. Today, amidst the AI boom, OpenStack finds itself poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, leveraging its established foundation and widespread adoption to drive innovation in AI infrastructure.


In the dynamic landscape of AI and cloud computing, OpenStack emerges as a stalwart platform, empowering enterprises to navigate complexities and unlock the full potential of AI workloads.

With each iteration, OpenStack evolves to meet the evolving demands of modern business, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of cloud infrastructure. As enterprises embark on their AI journey, OpenStack stands ready to facilitate their transformation, offering a robust and scalable foundation for AI innovation and growth.