True Fit: Transforming Online Shopping with Generative AI


True Fit, a pioneer in AI-powered size-and-fit personalization, has been providing size recommendation solutions to retailers for nearly two decades. Now, the company is making significant advancements by entering the generative AI space with its new tool, Fit Hub. This innovative solution aims to transform how online shoppers find clothing that fits their body type, tackling the persistent issue of sizing discrepancies in e-commerce.

The Persistent Challenge of Online Sizing Issues

Friction in Online Shopping

Sizing inconsistencies continue to cause significant friction for online shoppers, leading to an average return rate of 17.6% in e-commerce. Consumers often spend considerable time examining product detail pages, size charts, descriptions, and customer reviews to determine how clothing will fit. Despite these efforts, many end up with items that don’t fit properly, resulting in returns and dissatisfaction.

The Need for Accurate Size Recommendations

The inefficiency of current methods for determining the right fit underscores the need for a more accurate solution. True Fit’s Fit Hub addresses this need by providing personalized size recommendations that help consumers find well-fitting clothes on the first try, thereby reducing return rates.

Introducing Fit Hub: True Fit’s Generative AI Solution

Consolidating Information for Ease of Use

Fit Hub aims to streamline the shopping process by consolidating all relevant information from product pages into a single, accessible location. This approach allows shoppers to quickly learn about an item and feel confident in their size choice. The AI analyzes size charts, descriptions, customer reviews, and sales and returns data to provide accurate size recommendations.

Personalization and Fit Tips

For an even more personalized experience, users can create a True Fit account to share their preferred styles, brands, and other preferences. Additionally, the “Fit Tips” tool offers fitting advice, such as suggesting which items fit best for certain body types, like those with short torsos.

Generative AI in Fit Hub

Leveraging Advanced AI Models

Fit Hub employs several generative AI models, including ChatGPT 4o, GPT Vision, Gemini 1.5 Pro Vision models, and various open-source models, to interpret both visual and textual data in real-time. This generative AI capability allows True Fit to process data faster and more efficiently than previous AI technologies.

Utilizing the Fashion Genome

True Fit’s proprietary dataset, the “Fashion Genome,” combines data from 82 million shoppers and nearly 30,000 brands, including major names like Pacsun, Macy’s, Dicks, LL Bean, and Lululemon. This extensive dataset enhances the accuracy of Fit Hub’s size recommendations.

Beta Testing and Market Comparison

Current Beta Testing Phase

Fit Hub is currently in beta testing with around a dozen brands and is expected to become available to all of True Fit’s merchant partners soon. This testing phase allows True Fit to refine the tool based on real-world feedback before a wider rollout.

Comparison with Amazon’s Fit Insights

While Amazon offers personalized recommendations through its AI-powered “Fit Insights” feature, Fit Hub provides a more comprehensive analysis of sizing and fit. True Fit’s approach offers a deeper level of detail, making it a superior choice for consumers seeking precise size recommendations.

Future Developments and Features

Upcoming Filters and Tools

True Fit plans to introduce additional filters to Fit Hub later this year. These include “Shopper Insights,” which gathers data from past shoppers to offer insights like whether a product is popular among specific age groups, heights, or body types. Another feature will be a side-by-side diagram that allows shoppers to visually compare differences between petite, plus-size, and regular versions of the same product.

Brand Sizing Comparison

The upcoming “Brand Sizing” tool will help frequent customers compare sizing to previous purchases from their favorite brands. The AI will cross-reference past purchases to determine if shoppers should size up or down for new items from the same brand.

Generative AI Chatbot

On the long-term roadmap, True Fit is developing a generative AI chatbot to assist shoppers in discovering products and answering specific questions, such as, “What jeans fit better for people with muscular thighs?” This feature is still in early development and currently limited to 1 million products.

Collaboration with Shopify and Broader Access

Expanding Access to Merchants

True Fit has recently partnered with Shopify to extend its services to businesses and merchants of all sizes. Previously catering only to large brands, this collaboration means that more companies can now access True Fit’s no-code size-and-fit solution, expanding its impact across the retail industry.


True Fit’s innovative use of generative AI with Fit Hub is set to revolutionize the online shopping experience. By addressing the longstanding challenge of sizing inconsistencies, True Fit provides personalized fit recommendations that enhance customer satisfaction and reduce return rates. As the technology continues to evolve, True Fit’s comprehensive approach promises a future where online shopping is seamless, reliable, and tailored to each shopper’s unique needs.