Osium AI French 1st Innovative AI Research & Development In Material Science

French startup Osium AI has discovered a fascinating application for artificial intelligence – utilizing it for research and development in the field of materials science. As the world grapples with harnessing the potential of AI in different sectors, Osium AI has identified a unique use case in this particular industry.

We are thrilled to announce that Osium AI (YC S23) has joined the Singular family, with us leading their pre-seed round of $2.5m. Sarah Najmark and Luisa Bouneder are making waves in the materials science field by incorporating AI and physics into material design processes. Their innovative platform is set to revolutionize R&D efficiency and has the potential to transform the way the industry approaches materials and chemical discovery.

Osium AI

Osium AI: Founders and Funding Pioneers

Sarah Najmark and Luisa Bouneder established the company, which secured a $2.6 million seed funding from various investors including Y Combinator, Singular, Kima Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Raise Phiture, and several business angels such as Julien Chaumond, Thomas Clozel, Isaac Oates, Liz Wessel, Ebert Hera Group, Patrick Joubert, Sequoia Scout, and Atomico Angel.

Najmark informed me that during my undergraduate studies, I conducted research on materials, specifically in the realm of cosmetics. It became evident to me that the methodologies employed for materials development were predominantly manual, involving extensive trial and error and heavily relying on intuition.

Upon completing her studies, she became a part of Google X, the pioneering sector of the renowned technology conglomerate, where she dedicated three years to advancing the fields of robotics and deep tech technologies. Additionally, she played a significant role in co-authoring several patents.

Osium AI: Advancing Sustainable Material Innovation

She mentioned that being the tech lead granted her complete ownership of artificial intelligence pipelines on robotics and system engineering subjects from start to finish.

Luisa Bouneder, her co-founder, dedicated three years to developing data products for industrial companies, with a specific focus on the materials field. During this time, she witnessed the significant amount of trial and error that hindered the progress of the development process.

During our conversations with various industrial firms, we came to the realization that sustainability poses novel challenges in the realm of material development. These challenges include the creation of lighter materials, such as those used in aeronautics, as well as more durable and eco-friendly materials that are produced through optimized and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. This was expressed by Najmark.

Later in the conversation, she emphasized that this topic has a significant impact on various industries such as construction, packaging, aeronautics, aerospace, textiles, and smartphones.

Osium AI operates by enhancing the feedback loop between material formulation and testing through a data-driven methodology. The startup’s exclusive technology enables industrial firms to anticipate the physical characteristics of novel materials based on a set of standards. Additionally, Osium AI can assist in refining and optimizing these materials while circumventing the typical errors associated with trial and error.

Osium AI: Validation and Future Growth Prospects

Osium AI’s solution has already been tested by various industrial companies, and they have recognized its potential. According to Najmark, “Our users have realized that our solution can speed up the development and analysis of materials by 10 times. We have seen the value of our product from the beginning of our testing.”

Osium AI is at the early stages of its journey in numerous aspects. With only two individuals, the co-founders, currently employed by the company, it is evident that the startup will soon expand its workforce and transform these initial contracts into tangible business opportunities. Presently, the company is engaged in discussions with 30 industrial firms, all of which hold the potential to become valuable clients.