Stable Audio 2: A New Era in Music Production

Stability AI, a leading artificial intelligence developer, has recently launched Stable Audio 2, marking a significant advancement in the realm of text-to-music generation systems. This latest version equips artists and musicians with an expanded suite of creative tools, empowering them to produce full-length music tracks with traditional song structures and superior audio quality using natural language prompts.

The Evolution of Stable Audio 2

Stable Audio 2, which was released in September of the previous year, garnered widespread attention for its innovative capability to generate short audio clips from textual descriptions. This groundbreaking technology was recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023. Building on this success, Stability AI introduced Stable Audio2, which allows users to generate complete songs up to three minutes long at 44.1 kHz stereo. This extended timeframe paves the way for a broader spectrum of musical creations, ranging from comprehensive instrumentals to structured compositions with intros, development sections, and outros.

Setting New Standards with Stable Audio 2

Stability AI proclaims that Stable Audio2 establishes a new benchmark in AI-generated audio. The updated model introduces audio-to-audio generation, a feature that enables users to upload and transform samples using natural language prompts. In addition to the increased length, Stable Audio2 also offers other features including new “audio-to-audio” capabilities that allow users to upload their audio samples to set the style and sound of AI-generated outputs.

Enhancing the Creative Process with Stable Audio 2

Stability AI’s Stable Audio2 is a cutting-edge audio model that provides a more extensive set of tools for artists and musicians. This expanded toolkit is designed to foster creativity and streamline the music production process.

stable audio 2

One of the key features of Stable Audio2 is its ability to convert text into audio. This means that users can input textual descriptions or prompts, and the AI will generate corresponding audio. This could be a melody, a backing track, a stem (a part of a track, such as the bassline or the drum part), or even a sound effect. This feature allows for a high degree of customization and can help artists to realize their creative visions more effectively.

In addition to text-to-audio conversion, Stable Audio 2 also introduces audio-to-audio prompting. This means that users can upload their audio samples, and the AI will generate new audio that matches the style and sound of the uploaded sample. This could be used to create variations on a theme, to generate new ideas based on an existing piece of music, or to create a cohesive sound across multiple pieces of music.

These new functionalities significantly enhance the creative process by providing artists and musicians with a flexible, powerful tool that can assist in music composition, audio experimentation, and content creation. It’s like having a collaborative partner who can generate a wide range of musical elements based on your prompts and samples. This can save time, spark new ideas, and allow for a greater range of creative expression.

The release of Stable Audio 2 comes amid a period of internal change at Stability AI. Ed Newton-Rex, the company’s former Vice President of Audio, recently departed due to disagreements over the use of copyrighted materials in training datasets. Stability AI addressed these copyright concerns about its AI development, stating that Stable Audio 2 was exclusively trained on a licensed dataset from the AudioSparx music library, honoring opt-out requests and ensuring fair compensation for creators.

The new feature includes Audible Magic to check audio uploads for copyright issues. Audible Magic provides technology to recognize the content and stop copyright violations in real-time.

Introducing New Features with Stable Audio 2

Stable Audio 2 also introduces features like Style Transfer to match generated or uploaded audio to existing tracks, SFX creation, and variations. Stability AI said in a statement, “Stable Audio 2 is one of the most powerful and flexible generative AI music tools available and makes it possible for musicians, producers, and other creators to use AI as a collaborative tool for music composition, audio experimentation, and content creation — like never before.”