IBM Watson and Tech Mahindra Propel Sustainable AI

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of technology consulting and digital solutions, has partnered with IBM Watson to advance the global use of generative AI in a sustainable manner. This collaboration merges Tech Mahindra’s extensive AI offerings, TechM amplifAI0->∞, with IBM’s state-of-the-art Watson AI and data platform, including AI Assistants.

Leveraging IBM Watson for Enhanced Capabilities

Through this partnership, customers can integrate IBM Watsonx’s advanced features with Tech Mahindra’s AI consulting and engineering expertise. This combination offers a variety of new generative AI services, frameworks, and solution architectures, enabling organizations to develop AI applications that use trusted data to automate processes. Additionally, it lays the groundwork for creating trustworthy AI models, promoting explainability to manage risks and biases, and facilitating scalable AI adoption across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

Commitment to Responsible AI Practices

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer at Tech Mahindra, emphasized the importance of responsible AI practices and incorporating generative AI technologies to rejuvenate enterprises. “Our collaboration with IBM can significantly advance digital transformation, GenAI adoption, modernization efforts, and ultimately drive business growth for our global clientele,” Purohit stated.

This CoE acts as a co-innovation hub with a dedicated team focused on maximizing synergies between the two companies and creating unique offerings and solutions based on their combined strengths.

Catalyzing Market Opportunities with Generative AI

Kate Woolley, General Manager of IBM Ecosystem, highlighted the potential of this collaboration, noting that generative AI could serve as a catalyst for innovation, unlocking new market opportunities when founded on principles of explainability, transparency, and trust. Woolley remarked, “Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra is poised to extend the reach of Watsonx, enabling more customers to build trustworthy AI as we combine our technology and expertise to support enterprise use cases like code modernization, digital labor, and customer service.”

IBM Watson

Empowering AI-Driven Solutions

The collaborative solutions developed through this partnership aim to help enterprises construct machine learning models using open-source frameworks, allowing them to scale and accelerate the impact of generative AI. These AI-driven solutions can responsibly enhance organizational efficiency and productivity, providing significant value across various industries.

Continued Collaborative Efforts

This partnership aligns with Tech Mahindra’s ongoing commitment to transforming enterprises with advanced AI-led offerings and solutions. Recent additions to their portfolio include Vision amplifAIer, Ops amplifAIer, Email amplifAIer, Enterprise Knowledge Search offering, Evangelize Pair Programming, and Generative AI Studio.

Moreover, this partnership builds on previous collaborations between the two companies. Earlier this year, Tech Mahindra announced the opening of a Synergy Lounge in collaboration with IBM at their Singapore campus. This Lounge aims to accelerate digital adoption for APAC organizations by leveraging next-generation technologies such as AI, intelligent automation, hybrid cloud, 5G, edge computing, and cybersecurity.

Extending the Reach of IBM Watson

Beyond the collaboration with Tech Mahindra, IBM Watson has been employed in various initiatives to expedite the deployment of generative AI. Earlier this year, the GSMA and IBM launched a new partnership to enhance the use and capabilities of generative AI in the telecom industry. This initiative includes the GSMA Advance’s AI Training program and the GSMA Foundry Generative AI program, utilizing IBM Watson to provide hands-on training for architects and developers seeking practical generative AI knowledge.


The partnership between Tech Mahindra and IBM represents a significant step forward in the sustainable adoption of generative AI through IBM Watson. By combining IBM’s powerful AI and data platform with Tech Mahindra’s extensive AI consulting and engineering expertise, this collaboration is set to drive innovation, enhance business capabilities, and promote responsible AI practices. The establishment of the Watsonx Centre of Excellence further underscores the commitment of both companies to co-innovate and deliver unique, scalable AI solutions. As organizations increasingly adopt these technologies, the collaboration between Tech Mahindra and IBM will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of trustworthy AI across various sectors.