The Amazing Google AI Overview Feature: All You Need to Know

Google Launches New Google AI Overview Feature

Google has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature known as AI Overview, revolutionizing the way users interact with artificial intelligence within the Google ecosystem. This new addition aims to enhance the user experience by providing AI-generated answers at the top of search results, making information retrieval more efficient and insightful.

What is the Google AI Overview Feature?

The Google AI Overview feature is a sophisticated tool that offers users a comprehensive summary of how artificial intelligence algorithms impact their online experience. It provides concise, AI-generated summaries of search results, recommendations, and personalized content delivery. This feature aims to streamline the search process by delivering relevant information directly in response to user queries, thus minimizing the need to click through multiple links.

Who Has Access to AI Overviews?

Currently, the AI Overview feature is accessible to a select group of users who are part of Google’s Search Labs program. This program allows a limited number of participants to explore and test cutting-edge technologies before they are rolled out to the general public. These early adopters provide valuable feedback that helps Google refine and improve the functionality of AI Overview, ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of a broader audience.

Turn On or Off “AI Overviews and More” in Search Labs

Within the Search Labs settings, users have the option to enable or disable the AI Overviews feature, along with other experimental functionalities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to manage these settings:

  1. Access Search Labs Settings: Navigate to the Google Search Labs page where experimental features are available for testing.
  2. Locate AI Overviews Feature: Find the option labeled “AI Overviews and More” within the list of experimental functionalities.
  3. Enable AI Overviews: Toggle the switch or checkbox to turn on the AI Overviews feature.
  4. Disable AI Overviews: Toggle the switch or checkbox to turn off the AI Overviews feature.

Having control over these experimental functionalities allows users to customize their search experience based on their preferences and comfort levels with AI-driven enhancements. It also provides an opportunity for users to give feedback, helping improve the features before a wider release.

google ai overview
Image Source: Google Search

How to Turn Off AI Overview in Your Chrome Settings

For users who prefer to opt out of the AI Overview feature, Google provides a straightforward method to disable it within the Chrome settings. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to Search Engine Settings: Enter “chrome://settings/searchEngines” into the URL bar and press Enter.
  2. Locate AI Overview Setting: Look for the option related to AI Overview within the search engine settings.
  3. Disable AI Overview: Toggle the switch or checkbox to turn off the AI Overview feature.
  4. Save Changes: Ensure that changes are saved before exiting the settings.

Using this method, users can easily customize their browsing experience to exclude AI-generated insights, maintaining control over the type of content displayed in their search results.

Using Chrome Extensions to Turn Off AI Overviews

Alternatively, users can leverage Chrome Extensions specifically designed to deactivate Google AI overviews. These extensions offer additional customization options and fine-tuned control over the presence of AI-driven content summaries. Some popular extensions include:

  1. Bye Bye, Google AI: This extension allows users to hide or turn off AI overviews, discussion blocks, shopping blocks, and more from Google search results. Users can customize which types of content to filter out by accessing the options menu.
  2. Hide Google AI Overview: Another extension is designed to specifically target and hide AI overviews from search results, providing a cleaner search experience without AI-generated summaries.

To install these extensions:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for the desired extension by name (e.g., “Bye Bye, Google AI“).
  3. Click on the extension from the search results.
  4. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

By utilizing these Chrome extensions, users can effectively deactivate AI overviews and tailor their search results to align with their preferences, enhancing their browsing experience.

While the ability to disable AI Overviews directly within Google Search is not currently available, users can utilize the aforementioned methods to achieve a similar outcome. By adjusting settings within Chrome or employing dedicated extensions, users can effectively control the visibility of AI-generated overviews in their search results.

Benefits of the Google AI Overview Feature

The AI Overview feature enhances transparency and user control by providing detailed AI-driven insights at the top of search results. This transparency allows users to quickly access summarized information extracted from various sources on the web, promoting a more informed decision-making process. Additionally, users can choose to engage with these AI-generated summaries or explore further by clicking on individual search results, thus personalizing their search experience.

The positive impacts of the AI Overview feature on user experience include:

  1. Efficiency: By offering concise and informative AI-driven insights, users can quickly grasp key information without navigating through multiple search results.
  2. Relevance: AI Overview ensures that users receive relevant and tailored information based on their search queries, enhancing the overall search experience.
  3. Convenience: Users benefit from the convenience of accessing detailed insights at a glance, saving time and effort in finding relevant information.

Overall, the AI Overview feature significantly improves the user experience by providing valuable and detailed AI-driven insights in a streamlined manner.


Google’s introduction of the AI Overview feature represents a significant step towards enhancing transparency and user control in the realm of artificial intelligence. By offering detailed insights and customizable options, Google empowers users to engage with AI technologies on their terms, fostering a more informed and personalized online experience. The ability to manage and customize AI interactions underscores the importance of user empowerment and the evolving landscape of AI-driven search experiences.