Skej AI Scheduling Assistant: A Smarter Way to Schedule Meetings

Artificial intelligence may not yet be capable of replacing Google Search, but it excels in more specific tasks, such as handling everyday chores like scheduling meetings. This is the premise behind Skej AI scheduling assistant, a startup that offers an AI assistant to streamline the meeting scheduling process. The Skej AI Scheduling Assistant integrates seamlessly into your email to find the best times for everyone to meet, making it a game-changer for busy professionals.

Unique Features of Skej AI Scheduling Assistant

Unlike other scheduling tools like Calendly, Skej AI Scheduling Assistant simplifies the process by eliminating the need to browse through someone’s availability manually. If you receive a Calendly link, Skej can automatically scan it to find mutual availability and schedule the meeting, saving you time and effort.

“I’ve never met anyone who enjoys scheduling meetings,” says Paul Canetti, co-founder and CEO of Skej. This insight drove the creation of Skej AI Scheduling Assistant, aiming to make scheduling as painless as possible.

The Inspiration Behind Skej

Paul Canetti, a seasoned entrepreneur based in New York, previously founded and sold MAZ Systems, a no-code app development platform. He also worked on another meetings startup called Bounce House, which allowed users to book time with professionals like yoga or piano teachers. The same founding team—including Paul, his brother Justin, CTO Anindya Mondal, and the late Simon Baumer, who played a crucial role in developing Skej—has come together again to create Skej.

Canetti explains that while Calendly is highly successful, he disliked publicizing every free time slot. The idea of creating an AI assistant that understands the context around meetings and can adjust schedules accordingly led to the birth of Skej AI Scheduling Assistant.

Skej AI Scheduling Assistant
Source: Skej

How Skej AI Scheduling Assistant Operates

Using Skej is straightforward—you don’t need to download an app or visit a website. Simply add Skej’s email address to your conversation. Soon, Skej will also have a phone number for text chats. The service integrates with any email platform, such as Gmail or Outlook, and syncs with programs like Zoom and Google Calendar, with Outlook Calendar support coming soon.

To use Skej AI Scheduling Assistant, add its email to your conversation and ask it to find times to meet. For instance, you could say, “Skej, can you suggest some times for a meeting this week?” The AI assistant will respond with options and a link to connect your calendar automatically. After you choose a preference, Skej will finalize the meeting and add it to your calendar.

The system works because the Skej user permits the AI to access their calendar. For internal teams, Skej can automatically schedule meetings without back-and-forth communication, making it an efficient tool for larger groups.

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The Technology Powering Skej AI Scheduling Assistant

Skej uses various large language models (LLMs) to interpret email language and convert it into data for its proprietary system. “Internally, we call it the brain,” says Paul. “The Skej brain acts like a scheduling engine, almost like a marketplace for matching times.” It considers time zones, preferences, and conflicts to find the best meeting times. Once a suitable time is identified, an LLM crafts a natural-sounding message to send to participants.

Skej also allows users to categorize contacts by different calendars, such as work or personal. While there’s a traditional dashboard for setting preferences and integrations, the goal is for Skej to handle these tasks using natural language in the future.

Source: Skej

The Future of Skej AI Scheduling Assistant

Skej does not plan to develop an app. “It’s a question we get from VCs a lot,” says Paul. “But Skej is designed to be agnostic to the tools you already use and like. It adapts to your existing workflow.” This flexibility ensures that Skej AI Scheduling Assistant integrates seamlessly into any professional environment.

The round raised just under a million dollars. The team, which is distributed remotely, includes the three co-founders and two other full-time engineers.

Currently in public beta, Skej AI Scheduling Assistant has over 1,000 users. The service is free while the team gathers feedback, but a paid tier will be introduced later.


Skej AI Scheduling Assistant is transforming the way meetings are scheduled. By automating the process and integrating seamlessly with existing tools, it offers a hassle-free, intelligent solution akin to having a personal assistant. Whether for individual use or managing large teams, Skej simplifies scheduling, allowing professionals to focus on more important tasks. Embrace the future of scheduling with Skej AI Scheduling Assistant and enhance your productivity today.