Samsung’s New Generative AI – Gauss: Unlocking Creativity

Samsung’s AI innovation – Gauss, revolutionises creativity. Explore the limitless potential of AI with Samsung’s new generative AI technology.

About Samsung Gauss

At its AI Forum, Samsung, a South Korean electronics manufacturer, unveiled Gauss, its proprietary generative artificial intelligence model. This AI model comprises the Gauss language model, Gauss Code, and Gauss generative image model. Samsung’s generative-AI model is named after the renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. 

According to Samsung, Gauss is a language model with the ability to generate text, compose emails, edit and summarize documents, and translate languages. The company further stated that incorporating the Gauss language into its products would facilitate more intelligent device control.

Samsung states that the Gauss code and coding assistant are developed based on the Gauss language and are specifically designed to enhance in-house software development, facilitating effortless coding for developers.

They have also announced its Gauss Image, a generative image model that offers multi-modal support. This advanced model not only has the ability to generate and edit creative images but also includes a feature for enhancing low-resolution images.

AI Red Team

Samsung has established an “AI Red Team” in alignment with AI ethics principles, alongside the introduction of gen-AI models. This dedicated team aims to address and oversee potential security and privacy concerns throughout the entire AI implementation process, encompassing data collection, AI model development, and the outcomes generated by AI.

Launch of Samsung Gauss-

It is highly probable that Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones will incorporate Galaxy AI features, as the company has announced the arrival of Galaxy AI in the early months of the upcoming year. Additionally, rumours suggest that the Galaxy S24 phones will be launched in 2024. Furthermore, Samsung reportedly showcased its generative AI model, Gauss, at an event held this week. This implies that Gauss will play a significant role in powering features on mobile devices starting from next year, including the Galaxy S24 lineup.

Gauss’s tiny glimpse of benefit

The latest Galaxy AI phone will soon offer a unique benefit through AI Live Translate Call, which provides users with a personal translator during phone calls. This feature is integrated into the native call function, eliminating the need for third-party apps. Real-time audio and text translations will appear as you speak, making communication with non-native speakers effortless. Additionally, as a Galaxy AI on-device feature, you can trust that your private conversations will remain secure on your phone.

Mobile technology has an extraordinary ability to facilitate connectivity, productivity, creativity, and more for individuals worldwide. However, until now, mobile AI has not truly harnessed this potential in a meaningful manner. According to Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business, Galaxy AI represents a significant advancement in intelligence capabilities, and it will revolutionize our perception of smartphones indefinitely.

Galaxy’s commitment lies in delivering transformative experiences that empower genuine connections and unlock new possibilities directly from your phone. This is merely a glimpse of the future that awaits. Brace yourself for a new era of mobile AI, as life unfolds with Galaxy.


Samsung’s cutting-edge generative AI, Gauss, is positioned at the forefront of technological advancement, ready to revolutionise the realm of creativity and artificial intelligence. Throughout our exploration of its capabilities, it becomes clear that Gauss transcends being a mere tool; it serves as a gateway to unexplored realms of imagination.

Through Gauss, Samsung offers a platform that pushes the boundaries of creativity and unveils new horizons. It empowers individuals, artists, and developers by unlocking their untapped potential, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between humans and machines. This collaboration sets the stage for unprecedented creations that were once confined to the realms of science fiction.

Gauss stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of technology, showcasing how artificial intelligence can enhance and amplify our creative pursuits. The harmonious fusion of human ingenuity and Gauss’s capabilities ushers in a new era where innovative solutions are within grasp, and limitless creativity knows no bounds.

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