AI Pin: Humane’s revolutionary screen-less wearable to launch tomorrow

Humane, a startup founded by former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, has been working on its first consumer product for the past four years. The product, dubbed the AI Pin, is a screen-less wearable device that uses voice and AI to interact with the user. The company has been teasing its vision and mission for it and is finally set to unveil it to the world tomorrow.

Price and Subscription

According to documents obtained by The Verge, the AI Pin will cost $699, which is slightly lower than the price of the latest smartphones that Humane aims to replace with its innovative device. However, it will also require a $24 monthly subscription, called the Humane Subscription, to access various features and services.

The Humane Subscription will enable it to connect to cellular data via T-Mobile’s network and provide the user with a phone number. It will also offer cloud storage for photos and videos captured by the AI Pin, and unlimited access to its voice assistant that uses AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI.

Features and Functionality

The AI Pin is a device that does not have a screen but instead projects information and images on the user’s hand or other surfaces. The user can control it with voice commands, gestures, or a touchpad on the device. It can also scan the environment and provide context-based information and suggestions.

At a TED Talk in April, Humane’s co-founder Imran Chaudhri demonstrated some of its capabilities, such as projecting a caller ID when receiving a phone call, summarizing emails, and identifying foods and their calories. It is expected to be powered by GPT-4, the latest AI language model from OpenAI, and use various AI tools to assist the user throughout the day. This is different from how we use different apps on our smartphones for different tasks.

AI Pin design and battery life

AI Pin
Image Source: Humane/TED

The Verge also reports that the AI Pin’s operating system will be named Cosmos, and the device will come with two magnetic clips that act as battery packs. Humane calls them “Battery boosters” and they are designed to keep it attached to the user’s clothing or other objects as they project information or scan the surroundings. The user can swap the battery boosters when one of them runs out of power.

Some other details that have been leaked about it are its built-in “personic speaker” that produces sound waves that only the user can hear, the ability to pair with Bluetooth headphones, a “Trust Light” that indicates when the AI Pin is recording audio or video, and a touchpad for physical input.

Launch event

Humane will reveal more details about the AI Pin’s features, functionality, battery life, and vision for the future of mobile computing at its launch event tomorrow at 12 p.m. ET (9 a.m. PT). The event will be streamed live on Humane’s website and social media channels.

How does the AI Pin compare to other wearables?

The AI Pin is a new wearable device that claims to offer a screen-less and voice-powered alternative to smartphones. It uses AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI to perform various tasks and interact with the user. It also projects information and images on the user’s hand or other surfaces and scans the environment for context-based information.

Other wearables, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, or smart glasses, usually have screens or displays that show information and notifications. They also rely on touch or gesture inputs and often need to be paired with a smartphone or a computer. They use AI for specific functions, such as health monitoring, navigation, or voice recognition, but not as extensively as the AI Pin.

The AI Pin differs from other wearables in its design, functionality, price, and subscription model. It is more expensive than most wearables and requires a monthly fee to access its full features and services. It also prioritizes privacy and control and does not activate unless the user manually turns it on. It aims to replace the smartphone as the primary device for communication, information, and entertainment.

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