Pokemon Go: 1 Niantic Innovate Game Realism with AI, Amid Excitement and Criticism

Looking for a beloved Pokemon Go companion to brighten up your days? Although Niantic’s Peridot could have been an ideal choice to fill that void, the enchanting realm it resides in is about to become even more realistic, all thanks to the advancements in generative AI.

Niantic has recently announced via a brief trailer on YouTube that the augmented reality pet game, which is widely popular in the real world, will be receiving a generative AI update that is anticipated to make the Dots “Pokemon Go” appear more realistic than ever before.

Pokemon Go

Enhanced Pet Interaction via AI in Pokemon Go’s Peridot

Peridot’s pets will now possess the ability to identify and respond to physical objects in a more advanced manner, similar to how a genuine dog, cat, or bunny would. Niantic stated in a press release that the Pokemon Go update marks the initial implementation of generative AI on a large scale within an augmented reality game.

They emphasized that AI will play a crucial role in bringing the digital characters of Pokemon Go to life in AR and fostering sustained player involvement in games.

Given the genre’s immense popularity in recent years, Niantic’s Peridot stands as a significant milestone in the realm of virtual pet simulation. Through the power of generative AI, Peridot offers a remarkable solution for individuals who are unable to enjoy the companionship of real-life pets, yet seek an alternative to the conventional predictability found in typical Pokemon Go virtual pet games.

The Dots will not only become more responsive, but they will also embrace more unforeseen, astonishing, and enjoyable methods to keep you intrigued. Imagine you have a dog and it spots a rabbit in your backyard. You would anticipate the dog to chase after the rabbit, but some dogs are incredibly affectionate towards other creatures.

Hence, it becomes challenging to accurately predict Pokemon Go, how your dog would respond. Peridot incorporates the same level of suspense into its mechanisms, allowing the Dots to unpredictably react to real-world objects, providing you with the genuine excitement of owning a pet in reality.

Niantic’s AI Leap Boosts AR Realism

Niantic’s recent move to incorporate generative AI into its debut fully AR game signifies a significant leap towards enhancing realism, thereby demonstrating a newfound appreciation for the charming genre.

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