OPPO’s Amazing AI Innovations: Partnering with Google to Reimagine Mobile AI

OPPO took part in Google Cloud Next ’24, where they unveiled several AI innovations and announced a collaboration with Google to include Google’s Gemini models on their AI phones. This collaboration with Google Cloud is critical for OPPO’s advancement in AI phones, as it leverages Google Cloud’s open platform capabilities.

The joint announcement with OnePlus represents a commitment to introducing innovative features throughout 2024, to reshape the mobile AI experience and empower users around the world with enhanced AI interactions on smartphones.

AI Innovations by OPPO

At the Google Cloud Next ’24 event, OPPO demonstrated cutting-edge AI technologies, including generative AI features found on devices such as the OPPO Find X7 Series and OnePlus 12. These features allow users to take advantage of advanced AI capabilities, such as the highly acclaimed OPPO AI Eraser.

Furthermore, it provided insights into the four core capabilities that AI phones should have: efficient computing, real-world perception, self-learning, and confidence-instilling features. The introduction of these AI technologies demonstrates OPPO’s commitment to revolutionizing the mobile industry and providing truly innovative AI Phone experiences to users worldwide.

Collaboration with Google

This collaboration aims to significantly improve and evolve AI experiences across OPPO and OnePlus’ product lines. OPPO and OnePlus intend to introduce a series of innovative features throughout 2024, leveraging the advanced capabilities of Google’s Gemini models.

This integration is expected to transform how global users interact with their smartphones, providing a more seamless and advanced AI experience. The close collaboration with Google Cloud throughout this journey is critical for its advancement in AI Phones, as Google Cloud’s open platform capabilities play a significant role in improving the capabilities of its AI devices.

Implications for the Industry


These advancements, which incorporate cutting-edge AI features and capabilities, aim to reshape the mobile experience for users around the world. The collaboration with Google to use Gemini models represents a strategic move towards improving AI interactions on smartphones and introducing innovative features that set a new industry standard.

These advancements may result in a more competitive smartphone market, with OPPO and OnePlus positioning themselves as leaders in AI technology. The emphasis on efficient computing, real-world perception, self-learning, and confidence-building features shows a dedication to providing users with a more intelligent and interactive smartphone experience.

Furthermore, by working with global industry partners and sharing insights with AI innovators, OPPO and OnePlus are paving the way for the creation of over 100 new generative AI features. This continuous innovation and commitment to creating revolutionary AI phone experiences has the potential to set a new industry standard and influence the future direction of smartphone development.


Finally, its participation in Google Cloud Next ’24 demonstrated a significant increase in AI innovations in the smartphone industry. The announcement of multiple AI technologies, the collaboration with Google to integrate Gemini models into AI phones, and the commitment to introducing innovative features all demonstrate the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the mobile experience. OPPO and OnePlus are raising the bar for AI capabilities in smartphones by emphasizing efficient computing, real-world perception, self-learning, and confidence-instilling features.

These innovations have far-reaching implications, with the potential to completely reshape the smartphone market landscape. The close collaboration with Google Cloud, as well as the emphasis on developing advanced AI experiences, represent a strategic shift towards improving user interactions with smartphones around the world.

OPPO’s commitment to continuous innovation and collaboration with global partners positions the company as an AI technology leader, to create truly revolutionary AI phone experiences for users around the world. These advancements not only set a new standard for the industry but also paved the way for future developments that could fundamentally alter how we interact with our smartphones.