OpenAI Thriving in Pursuit of Superintelligence: Seeking Microsoft Funds

Striving for Superintelligence

“How to develop superintelligence.”- According to a report, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is reportedly looking for additional financial backing from Microsoft, a prominent investor. OpenAI, the creators of the widely used ChatGPT software, is actively pursuing research on

Earlier this year, Microsoft declared its intention to invest up to $10 billion in OpenAI, thereby expanding their partnership to encompass AI supercomputing and research. This move will allow both companies to independently market the advanced AI technologies that result from their collaboration. The renowned artificial intelligence research laboratory and creator of ChatGPT, after a week of intense speculation.

Expanding Partnership: Supercomputing Focus

Microsoft and OpenAI recently made a joint announcement on Monday, emphasizing the commencement of the third phase of their partnership. This phase involves a significant investment of several billion dollars over multiple years, aimed at expediting advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and ensuring that the benefits of this technology are accessible globally.

Altman informed The Financial Times that the collaboration with Microsoft is proving to be highly successful, and he expects to secure a substantial increase in funding over the course of time to support the development of more sophisticated artificial intelligence models.

The partnership between the two companies will be expanded to encompass AI supercomputing and research, allowing for the development of advanced AI technologies that can be independently commercialized by both parties. This collaboration builds upon their previous collaborations from 2019 and 2020.

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Ethical Collaboration for Superintelligence

In a conversation with the newspaper, Altman expressed his dedication to investigating “the construction of superintelligence” and obtaining the essential computational capabilities to accomplish this goal.

In the official statement, Satya Nadella, the chairman and CEO of Microsoft, expressed that the collaboration with OpenAI was established with the common goal of ethically propelling innovative AI research and making AI accessible as a novel technological platform.

He further stated that in the upcoming stage of our collaboration, Azure will provide developers and businesses from various sectors with top-notch AI infrastructure, models, and toolchains to create and operate their applications.

Altman stated that the goal is to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), ensure its safety, and identify its advantages.

AGI, as defined by companies such as IBM, is characterized by possessing “human-level intelligence” and “self-awareness with problem-solving, learning, and future planning capabilities.”

According to IBM, AGI is currently a theoretical concept rather than a concrete reality.

Superintelligence Goals and Business Impact

Altman stated that before the introduction of GPTs, OpenAI was focused on developing autonomous agents capable of carrying out various tasks and actions, including making payments, sending emails, and filing claims. This information was reported by The Financial Times.

He expressed to the newspaper his intention to enhance the capabilities of these agents progressively, resulting in increasingly powerful actions and more intricate tasks. He also emphasized the significant business value that can be derived from achieving this across all categories.

Microsoft has announced a new partnership that involves boosting investments in the creation and implementation of advanced supercomputing systems to expedite Open AI’s autonomous AI research. Additionally, Open AI’s models will be integrated into both consumer and enterprise products.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, expressed in the joint announcement that the company has had a fantastic relationship over the past three years.

Future of ChatGPT: Advancing Towards Superintelligence

OpenAI asserts on its official website that superintelligence will undoubtedly emerge as the most influential technological advancement ever created by humanity. This groundbreaking innovation possesses the potential to assist us in resolving numerous critical global issues.

According to the statement, the immense potential of superintelligence carries both great risks and the possibility of humanity’s disempowerment or even extinction.

The Financial Times was informed by Altman that OpenAI is currently developing the upcoming edition of ChatGPT, however, no details regarding its release date were disclosed.