Revolutionizing Travel Tech: Mystifly & Google Cloud’s AI-Powered Journey

Mystifly, a prominent provider of travel technology, has recently declared its partnership with Google Cloud to foster progress and creativity in the travel technology industry. This collaboration will empower both companies to address the emerging challenges in airline distribution and infrastructure. 

This partnership is a significant achievement in shaping the future of air travel, providing crucial capabilities to airlines and travel sellers, and enhancing the overall travel experience. The association with Google Cloud is expected to improve the security, scalability, and flexibility of Mystifly’s air-selling technology.

Mystifly and Google have joined forces to integrate Mystifly’s Smart Selling Platform (SSP) with Google’s advanced cloud services and generative AI capabilities. As part of this transformative journey, Mystifly has selected Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider and strategic partner.

Google Cloud and Mystifly will combine their respective strengths in three crucial domains:

Roadmap for Collaborative Innovation

Develop a groundbreaking technology plan for the advancement of travel sales and distribution in the future. This collaborative endeavor places great importance on originality and ongoing education to elevate the experience for airlines, travel sellers, travelers, and associated intermediaries. As a component of this undertaking, Mystifly will revamp its user experience (UX) to heighten customer contentment and involvement with the product. 

Notable enhancements encompass a simplified signup procedure that is more user-friendly, customizable parameters for optimal scalability and cost reduction as defined by the user, improved discoverability of features to capitalize on upsell opportunities, streamlined workflows to enhance customer efficiency, and an overall competitive edge in the market.


Infrastructure and Security-

Mystifly utilizes the services and advanced security of Google Cloud to enhance its platform infrastructure. This enables the company to provide solutions with agility and flexibility. The incorporation of Google Cloud-managed services is crucial in shaping the architecture of big data, empowering the company to make significant architectural decisions and offer a Data Mesh platform for business intelligence and analytics. This innovative approach ensures superior and efficient analytics, addressing a critical need in the industry. Furthermore, Mystifly will implement site reliability engineering practices to enhance system performance and optimize functionality.

Smart and Instinctive Travel Purchasing

It aims to revolutionize the travel shopping journey through the utilization of Google’s comprehensive range of cloud tools, analytics, and cutting-edge generative AI and ML technologies. This innovative approach will bring about advancements in various aspects such as search functionality, personalized offer suggestions, and dynamic pricing. With the introduction of an intelligent cache, intelligent help, and an intelligent shop category, Mystifly will enhance the travel selling experience by offering greater flexibility to sellers and providing users with a more intuitive and seamless shopping process.

Mystifly made the strategic decision to undertake a sophisticated transition to Google Cloud, driven by the belief that it offers an unparalleled, comprehensive microservices solution. This solution not only facilitates autoscaling but also enhances the efficiency and speed at which Mystifly delivers its services to customers.

Rajeev Kumar, the CEO of Mystifly, stated that the travel industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation as it moves away from outdated technology and procedures towards intelligent systems that enable modern retailing and customized travel experiences. Kumar also emphasized that the collaboration between Mystifly and Google Cloud is aimed at achieving the company’s objective of modernizing the travel infrastructure throughout the ecosystem. This partnership will provide solutions that bridge the gap between old and new technologies, catering to the specific requirements of travelers while enhancing the efficiency of sellers and suppliers.

Bikram Singh Bedi, the Managing Director of Google Cloud in India, expressed his pleasure in partnering with Mystifly to transform travel technology and elevate the experiences of users. This collaboration highlights our shared dedication to pushing the limits of innovation and delivering extraordinary experiences for travelers across the globe.

About Mystifly

Mystifly is a renowned name in the travel industry that specializes in providing air content such as flights, ancillaries, bundles, and brands to the travel supply chain. Since its inception in 2009, Mystifly has been known for its innovative approach and use of advanced technology to create B2B solutions that offer exceptional value and exceed customer expectations. With over 700 airlines and 3000+ travel sellers worldwide, Mystifly has established itself as a trusted partner in the travel industry.

The Mystifly Smart Selling Platform (SSP) is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution specifically designed for sourcing, selling, and servicing air travel across various channels, whether direct or indirect. With the use of SSP, airlines and travel sellers can offer exceptional travel options and experiences to their customers, without the complexities of managing multiple APIs, air sources, service-related challenges, or intricate and delayed payment and settlement processes. 

This system consolidates, standardizes, and optimizes global air content from various sources such as NDC, GDS, and LCC airlines. Additionally, it provides a cloud-based solution for efficiently selling air travel at a large scale, supporting the entire lifecycle of Offer-Order-Settle-Deliver (OOSD).

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud enhances the digital transformation of all organizations, enabling them to thrive in their respective industries. Our solutions are built on Google’s advanced technology and provide enterprise-level capabilities. Additionally, our developer tools empower them to create sustainable solutions. With customers in over 200 countries and territories, Google Cloud is the trusted partner for driving growth and resolving critical business challenges.