Intel and Aurora: Exascale AI Breakthroughs

Intel and Aurora: Collaborative Triumph in Exascale Heights

In a momentous leap forward for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC), the collaborative efforts of Intel, Argonne National Laboratory, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have propelled the Aurora supercomputer beyond the exascale computing threshold. With a staggering performance of 1.012 exaflops, Aurora emerges as the fastest AI-focused system to date, heralding a new era of computational capabilities.

Ogi Brkic, Intel and Aurora Intel’s VP and GM of Data Centre AI Solutions extols Aurora’s transformative potential, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for scientific breakthroughs. Brkic remarks, “The Aurora supercomputer surpassing exascale will allow it to pave the road to tomorrow’s discoveries.” From deciphering climate patterns to unraveling the mysteries of the universe, Aurora serves as a guiding compass for humanity in tackling complex scientific challenges with profound implications for the future.

Accelerating Scientific Discovery: Aurora’s Innovations in AI

Aurora’s prowess extends beyond its remarkable speed, embracing innovation and utility at its core. Engineered as an AI-centric supercomputer from inception, Aurora empowers researchers to harness generative AI models, significantly expediting the pace of scientific discovery.

Groundbreaking research conducted with Aurora underscores its transformative impact across diverse scientific domains. From mapping the intricate neural networks of the human brain to revolutionizing high-energy particle physics with deep learning, Aurora has propelled advancements at the frontier of scientific inquiry. Moreover, its integration with machine learning has accelerated drug design and discovery, promising revolutionary breakthroughs in healthcare.

Intel and Aurora

The Intel and Aurora Data Center GPU Max Series Revolutionizes AI and HPC

At the heart of Aurora lies the Intel and Aurora Data Center GPU Max Series, leveraging the cutting-edge Intel Xe GPU architecture tailored for AI and HPC tasks. This technological cornerstone empowers Aurora with parallel processing capabilities essential for tackling the intricacies of neural network AI computations.

Details divulged about Aurora underscore its monumental scale, comprising 166 racks, 10,624 compute blades, 21,248 Intel Xeon CPU Max Series processors, and a staggering 63,744 Intel Data Center GPU Max Series units. Such magnitude solidifies Aurora’s position as the largest GPU cluster globally, poised to redefine the boundaries of computational capabilities.

Empowering Developers: Intel’s Suite of Software Tools Enhances Flexibility and Scalability

Complementing its formidable hardware, Intel equips Aurora with a suite of software tools, including the Intel® one API DPC++/C++ Compiler and an array of performance libraries. These tools augment developer flexibility and system scalability, facilitating the optimization of AI models and workloads.

Intel’s commitment to fostering AI innovation is exemplified through the expansion of its Tiber Developer Cloud. Integrating state-of-the-art hardware and enhanced service capabilities, the Tiber Developer Cloud provides a robust platform for evaluating, innovating, and optimizing AI models and workloads on a large scale.

Future Prospects: Transforming Scientific Fields with Intel-Powered Supercomputers

Looking ahead, the deployment of new supercomputers integrated with Intel technologies promises to revolutionize various scientific disciplines. Systems like CMCC’s Cassandra and ENEA’s CRESCO 8 are poised to advance climate change modeling and breakthroughs in fusion energy, respectively, underscoring Intel’s commitment to propelling HPC and AI into new realms of discovery and innovation.

In conclusion, the Intel and Aurora collaboration stands as a testament to the power of partnership in driving transformative advancements at the intersection of AI and HPC. As Aurora surges beyond the exascale threshold, it illuminates a path towards unprecedented scientific discovery and technological innovation, shaping the future of humanity in profound ways.