Intel vPro Platform: The Best AI-Powered Processors for Enterprises

Intel has unveiled its new commercial portfolio of processors for enterprises, the Intel vPro platform, at MWC 2024. The platform is based on the latest Intel Core Ultra processors with Arc GPUs, and Intel Core 14th Gen processors, which are specially designed to meet the needs of IT organizations.

The Intel vPro platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver superior performance, security, and functionality. The platform has dedicated AI acceleration capability across the CPU, GPU, and NPU, which enables faster and smarter computing for various tasks and applications.

Intel vPro platform: Productivity and security

intel vpro platform

One of the key benefits of the Intel vPro platform is its ability to boost productivity and security for enterprises. The new processor family offers:

  • Up to 47% better office application productivity over a three-year-old PC, which means faster and smoother workflows and multitasking. The platform also supports Windows 11 and Copilot, the new AI assistant from Microsoft, which can help users with tasks such as scheduling, searching, and summarizing.
  • Enhanced Intel Threat Detection Technology that uses NPU and new Intel Silicon Security Engine to authenticate system firmware and help protect against cyber threats below the operating system (OS) level, which means stronger and more reliable security for data and devices. The platform also supports Intel Hardware Shield, which provides hardware-based protection for the OS and applications.
  • 300 AI-accelerated features purposely built for commercial collaboration, productivity, content creation, and accessibility, which means more efficient and innovative solutions for various business scenarios and challenges. The platform also supports Intel Deep Learning Boost, which enhances the performance of deep learning and machine learning workloads.

Intel vPro platform: Graphics and features

Another key benefit of the Intel vPro platform is its ability to provide stunning graphics and features for enterprises. The platform has built-in Intel Arc Pro graphics that offer:

  • Independent software vendor (ISV) certifications, which means compatibility and optimization for various professional applications and software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, and Unity.
  • Ray tracing capabilities, which means realistic and immersive rendering and visualization for 3D graphics and gaming. The platform also supports Intel XeSS, which is a new AI-powered super sampling technology that improves the image quality and performance of games.
  • AI upscales video to 8K, which means higher quality and resolution for video conferencing and streaming. The platform also supports Intel Adaptive Sync, which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for smoother video playback.
  • 2x graphics performance, which means faster and smoother graphics processing and display. The platform also supports Intel Iris Xe Max, which is a discrete graphics solution that can work with integrated graphics for enhanced performance and features.

Intel is providing an additional OEM-enabled Intel Arc Pro workstation graphics driver to improve performance optimizations. This allows enterprises to have more customization and control.

Intel vPro platform: The future of enterprise computing

The Intel vPro platform is revolutionizing enterprise computing with enhanced performance, security, graphics, and features driven by AI. David Feng, Intel’s VP of Client Computing Group and GM of Client Segments, mentioned that the new Intel vPro platform with Intel Core Ultra is setting new standards in productivity, security, manageability, and stability. This ensures that IT organizations can confidently manage transitions. They are introducing new AI experiences with over 100 software vendors, Windows 11, and Copilot. 2024 is expected to be the ideal year to update your fleet and be prepared for AI.

The Intel vPro platform is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2024, with several OEM partners already announcing their plans to launch devices based on the platform, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus. The Intel vPro platform is the ultimate choice for enterprises that want to harness the power of AI and stay ahead of the curve.