How to Increase Software and App Downloads and Sales

Developing an application and beta testing it successfully does not mean that it will get a whopping number of app downloads. Therefore, what should one do to ensure that everything including downloads, turns out great?

In this blog, we will be delving deep into this topic and will understand some of the most lucrative ways to increase software and App Downloads and Sales: 

Focus on App Search Optimization (ASO)

Given the array of apps, consumers get to see on two of the largest app stores – Google Play Store for Android and the iOS App Store for the Apple users out there, it is difficult for your app to stand out. This is where ASO or App Search Optimization appears. Using ASO, you can make your app optimized and can make it stand out amongst the inexhaustible listings of apps. 

App Downloads

Best of all, incorporating ASO is a hassle-free process. All you need to do is use popular keywords in the name as well as the description of your application to increase the number of downloads. Google Play Store offers a character limit of 100 for the app description whereas Apple Play Store restricts it to 50. Make use of these effectively. In addition to that, make sure to incorporate keywords in your app’s URL as well. Wondering why? Well, this is required essentially to determine where the browser takes the user before actually reaching the app installation page.

Another aspect that can enhance ASO for your application is the usage of high-quality images. Putting such images of your interface can function as an appealing invite to potential users and if not, then it depicts the dynamic usability of your app.

Better Design, More App Downloads

Well, that is cent percent true for 90% of the apps on the app stores. An app that has an easy-to-use and attractive interface tends to get more downloads than all the other apps. 

Whenever a user is searching for an app that can help it in executing a particular task or even a leisure activity, the logo, the name as well as the screenshots of the interfaces should be enticing enough to make the user press the “Install” button.

If the logo is not captivating and the color scheme does not go well with the purpose of the app, the chances of your app being downloaded on a device are slim. Therefore, you had better make a note of that.

More the Positive Reviews, the Better It Is!

App Downloads

The best way to check whether an application is “worth” downloading or not is via the ratings and the positive reviews it has. Other than the developer, only a user can compel another user to download an app. So, make sure that you ask the users to leave a review of your app. If they complain of any bugs, resolve them at the earliest. This will leave a good impression on the existing user base and will make them review your application in a much better and positive manner.

One of the best ways to remind users who have downloaded your app is via push notifications. In-app pop-ups can also do the deed, but they can be annoying at times because of their flow-disrupting nature. To keep the floor open for positive reviews, pay heed to what users say about your app from time to time. They might feel a need for improvement, or your rivals have a new and more appealing update. Such times demand quick action and a better update than the previous one. Keep in mind that incorporating better features into the app is a continuous process.

Localize It

Although the world is being increasingly digitalized with every passing minute, not everybody speaks or uses English as the primary mode of communication. Therefore, if you want to increase software and app downloads, it is imperative to make your app offer services in the language of the user. This can impress them at the very first instant. By simply putting the content in different languages, you can also diversify and increase your app’s user base.

Offer Free Trials and Much More to the Users

If your app offers any paid subscriptions or as Google Play Store likes to put it – “comes with in-app purchases,” then first offer a free trial for a considerable period. This can help users make up their minds before opting for the subscription. 

Similarly, offering discounts and incentives can benefit the users and can make them stick to your app for longer. If you make the users feel valued, chances are that they will be recommending your app to the best of their capabilities. 

Run a Website or a Blog for Better Outreach

App Downloads

One of the best ways to popularize your application is via a website or a blog. Plugging the right keywords on your website or in various posts on your blog can boost your website’s rank. With a good-ranking website, you can make the users install your application via internally embedded links. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Promote Your App on Different App Marketplaces and Microblogging Site

One of the best ways to promote your app is on different app marketplaces. These marketplaces advertise and sometimes, localize, your application, thus widening your user base. 

Moreover, you can also promote your app on microblogging sites such as Reddit, and Quora. Herein, curious users are often on the lookout for a new and better app that can solve a problem or help them complete a task in a much more efficacious manner. If your app aligns with their needs, then answer their question and let them join your app’s user base!

Influencer Marketing at Its Best!

With the tremendous rise of social media and short-duration videos called “reels,” the aspect of leveraging the power of influencer marketing has been boosted by manifolds. They can help boost the number of downloads your app gets since they leave an indelible impact on their followers using your application. One of the easiest ways to benefit from influencer marketing is via referral programs. In addition to the much-craved publicity, this will also get you a great return on investment. 

Offer them Smart Installation

Nobody likes to wait. Therefore, making your users wait for years while your app is installed on their devices sounds like a disastrous idea. To make it worse, such experiences can take the shape of bad reviews and poor ratings, which can discourage other potential users from joining your user base. Therefore, to increase software and app downloads, it is recommended to offer a smart and quick installation to your users. 

Secure Your App for a Safe Launch

“The app you are trying to install looks unsafe” – well, this message is enough to compel a user from discarding the installation of your application on your device. So, what is the solution? Well, the solution lies in displaying the code-signing certificate of your app. Consider using a Comodo Code Signing Certificate for enhanced security.


Therefore, these were some of the most lucrative ways to increase the number of downloads for your app. By opting for ASO, offering free trials to your users, running a cool website or a blog, answering questions on microblogging websites, marketing through app stores and influencers, and boosting the number of positive reviews, you will be able to ace with grace. So, what is stopping you? Take these measures now and increase software and app downloads, and sales like never before!


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