Google MusicFX, a Google Music AI Tool for Music Creation

What Is Google Musicfx, a Google Music AI Tool?

In the symphony of technological advancements, Google has introduced a melodious note with its innovative tool, Google MusicFX. This AI-powered platform is a haven for music enthusiasts and creators alike, offering a canvas where text transforms into harmonies.

Imagine typing a description as simple as “a gentle piano melody under a starlit sky,” and within moments, you’re presented with a composition that encapsulates the serenity of the night. That’s the magic of this tool. It’s not just a tool; it’s a musical companion that understands the language of creativity and translates it into soundscapes.

How to Use Google Musicfx to Create Your Music?

Step 1: Sign In With Google Account

Sign In with Google to access the MusicFX: Google Music AI music generator. Read the notice, click “Got It”, then proceed.

MusicFX Google Music AI tool, sign in with google
MusicFX Google Music AI tool, sign in with google

Step 2: Add a Prompt

Create a prompt describing the desired music you want to create in Google Music AI. Click “Generate” to produce music.

MusicFX Google Music AI tool Add prompt
MusicFX Google Music AI tool Add prompt

Step 3: Make Variations Using Expressive Chips

Use “Expressive Chips” to modify prompts for variations. 

Regenerate for different results.

MusicFX Google Music AI tool, variation
MusicFX Google Music AI tool, variation

Step 4: Download Your Song

Download the music by clicking the downward arrow button. 

ImageFX offers free usage.

MusicFX Google Music AI tool, How to Download song
MusicFX Google Music AI tool, variation

Google MusicFX Result

Google’s foray into AI-generated music, MusicFX, stands distinct from its DreamTrack initiative on YouTube. Unlike DreamTrack, which features the vocal talents of artists like Charlie Puth and John Legend, MusicFX operates within a different set of creative parameters.

MusicFX is designed with originality in mind, ensuring that each creation is free from direct references to existing artists. This is achieved through a unique feature called SynthID watermarking, which not only preserves the integrity of the music but also allows for the tracking of AI-generated compositions.

However, with innovation comes certain nuances. As users engage with this tool, they may notice a tendency for the AI to produce sounds that bear a familial resemblance, even when traversing various musical genres. This characteristic can be a boon for those looking to craft a cohesive album or maintain a consistent auditory theme. Yet, it poses a challenge for creators aiming to infuse each piece with a distinct and unique essence.

In essence, it offers a glimpse into the future of music production, where the lines between human and AI creativity blur, giving rise to a new collaborative art form. This could be the future of music.

Top 5 AI Music-Generator Free Tool 2024

As AI-powered music generation continues to evolve, a growing number of free tools are emerging to empower creators and businesses alike. Here are 5 of the top AI song generator free tools to check out in 2024:

  1. Hydra II by Rightsify

Rightsify’s latest AI music generation model, Hydra II, offers unparalleled customization with a library of over 800 instruments across 50+ languages. Built on a dataset of over 1 million songs, Hydra II enables rapid creation of high-quality instrumental music and sound effects through intuitive “Text to Music” functionality. Hydra II’s advanced editing tools and copyright-cleared outputs make it a game-changer for music producers, marketers, and content creators.


  • Vast instrument library and language support
  • Powerful “Text to Music” generation capabilities
  • Highly customizable with advanced editing tools
  • Copyright-cleared outputs for commercial use


  • No vocal/singing generation capabilities
  • Free trial limitations, paid plans required for full functionality
  1. Loudly 

Loudly is an AI-powered music composition tool that allows users to generate original songs and beats with just a few clicks. Its machine learning algorithms analyze millions of musical compositions to produce unique tracks in a variety of genres. Loudly offers a free plan with limited features as well as paid plans for enhanced functionality and commercial licensing.


  • Generates unique, original music compositions
  • Covers a wide range of genres
  • Free plan available for basic use


  • Free plan very limited in features
  • Paid plans required for advanced capabilities and licensing
  1. Mubert 

Mubert is an AI music generation platform that creates ambient, procedural soundscapes in real-time. Its AI composers analyze user inputs like mood, genre, and duration to dynamically generate imaginative, ever-evolving background music suitable for a range of applications. Mubert offers a free tier with basic features as well as pro plans for businesses.


  • Generates unique, procedural ambient music
  • Real-time composition based on user inputs
  • Free tier available for basic use


  • Limited to ambient/background music generation
  • Free tier very restricted compared to paid plans
  1. Boomy AI 

Boomy AI is an AI music generator focused on democratizing music creation. Its intuitive web-based interface allows users to compose entire songs using machine learning models trained on millions of popular tracks. Boomy AI offers a free plan with the ability to create, download, and share original compositions.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Generates full songs, not just loops/samples
  • Free plan with composition capabilities


  • Limited customization and editing options
  • Compositions may lack originality/uniqueness
  1. Soundraw 

Soundraw is an AI music studio that enables users to generate, edit, and download royalty-free songs and sound effects. Its deep learning models can produce fully customizable tracks across a wide range of genres and styles. Soundraw provides a free plan with limited features as well as paid subscriptions for expanded capabilities and commercial licensing.


  • Generates diverse music genres and sound effects
  • Highly customizable compositions
  • Free plan available for basic use


  • The free plan is very restricted compared to paid tiers
  • Compositions may lack the depth and complexity of human-composed music

These five AI song-generator tools demonstrate the rapid advancements in this space, empowering creators of all skill levels to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for their musical needs.

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