Getac S510: The Amazing AI-Ready Rugged Laptop Redefining Field Productivity

“Taipei, Taiwan, May 29: Today, Getac unveiled the new Getac S510, a rugged laptop designed for AI applications, enhancing daily operations in sectors like utilities, public safety, manufacturing, and automotive with edge AI technology.

Getac S510: Device engineered for superior productivity with AI readiness

The Getac S510 empowers employees to leverage AI-driven applications’ vast productivity advantages. It features an Intel Core™ Ultra 5/7 processor equipped with Intel AI Boost and Intel Graphics, delivering robust performance directly into the hands of users. Additionally, a specialized Microsoft Copilot button instantly activates AI functions as needed.

Certified with MIL-STD-810H and IP53, and resistant to drops of 3ft (0.9m) and vibrations, the Getac S510 assures users of its reliability. It also features a 15.6-inch screen with 1,000 nits brightness and Getac’s sunlight-readable technology, ensuring clear visibility under various lighting conditions. The laptop offers strong connectivity with WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3, and optional 4G-LTE and 5G Sub-6, maintaining constant user connection.

The Getac S510 is lightweight at 2.35kg (5.18 lbs), despite its large display and sturdy build, and includes a hot-swappable battery for uninterrupted use. Its design reflects Getac’s dedication to sustainability, incorporating a significant amount of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in its chassis.

Customizable to meet specific customer requirements, the Getac S510 offers options like dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, up to 64GB DDR5 RAM, and up to 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD storage. Additional features include a laser barcode reader, DVD drive, secondary storage, and an optional NVIDIA GPU.

Fueling a new era of AI-driven tools

With its robust specs and durability, the Getac S510 is perfectly suited for various AI applications. Public safety officers can reduce background noise during interviews for clearer recordings. Auto technicians can expedite diagnostics with real-time algorithms. Manufacturers can integrate smart, autonomous features to improve their supply chains, while utility workers can swiftly process field data to preempt infrastructure issues, avoiding expensive downtime.

“AI PCs are the forefront of a new era in computing, boasting AI acceleration integrated into the CPU, GPU, and NPU. Intel Core Ultra leads this advancement with energy-efficient AI acceleration and on-device inference. We’re thrilled that Getac’s S510 is incorporating this into a rugged form factor, expanding the range of Intel Core Ultra AI PCs available,” stated Grace Wang, Intel Taiwan’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, General Manager.

James Hwang, President of Getac Technology Corporation, remarked, “We are just beginning to explore the potential of AI applications and their transformative impact on various sectors. The S510 merges enduring performance with rugged dependability in a sleek, portable design, assuring users to adopt cutting-edge AI innovations confidently.”

How does this laptop compare to other rugged models?

Getac S510

The Getac S510 stands out in the rugged laptop market with its AI-ready capabilities and a balance of performance and durability. Here’s how it compares to other rugged models:

  • Screen Size: The Getac S510 boasts a 15.6-inch display with 1,000 nits of brightness, which is larger than the typical 13 or 14 inches found in many rugged laptops.
  • Processor: It runs on the latest Intel Core Ultra processors with Intel AI Boost, providing high performance for AI-assisted processing.
  • AI-Ready: Unique to the S510 is a dedicated Microsoft Copilot key for instant AI capabilities activation.
  • Durability: It meets MIL-STD-810H and IP53 standards, ensuring it can withstand tough environments.
  • Weight: Despite its rugged features, it weighs just 2.35 kg (5.18lbs), making it portable for fieldwork.
  • Battery: The S510 offers hot-swappable battery capability, supporting full-shift operations without the need for a power source.
  • Sustainability: A significant portion of the S510’s chassis is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, reflecting Getac’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Customization: It can be configured with up to 64GB DDR5 RAM and 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD storage, with options for additional features like a laser barcode reader, DVD drive, and NVIDIA GPU.

In comparison to other models like the Getac S410, the S510 offers a larger screen and newer generation processors. The trend in rugged laptops has been moving towards larger displays and lighter weights without compromising on durability and performance1. The S510’s emphasis on AI readiness sets it apart, catering to the growing demand for edge AI tools in various industries.

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