Discord AI Chatbot Clyde to Be Discontinued Soon after 2 years of its Launch

Discord, the popular gaming communications platform, has decided to sunset its Discord AI Chatbot Clyde in the next two weeks. The company did not give any specific reason for this decision but stated that Clyde was only a beta feature for a limited number of servers.

In a forum post on Thursday night, Discord said, “Clyde will be deactivated at the end of the month. By December 1, 2023, users will no longer be able to invoke Clyde in DMs, Group DMs, or server chats.” Discord has not yet replied to any inquiry for more details.

What is Clyde?

Clyde is a Discord AI Chatbot that was launched in May 2021 as an experiment to provide automated answers to users’ questions on servers where Clyde was enabled. Clyde was built using OpenAI’s suite of AI tools, which are known for their natural language processing and generation capabilities.

Clyde could interact with users on various topics, such as gaming, blockchain, art, and more. Clyde could also generate images using OpenAI’s Dall-E, a neural network that can create visuals from text prompts.

Discord AI Chatbot and other Bots

Discord has a long history of hosting bots and other semi-autonomous services on its platform. The first Discord bots appeared in December 2015, when some developers reverse-engineered the Discord API and created their own applications. Since then, bots have become an essential part of Discord server culture.

There are thousands of bots active on Discord, offering various functions and features for server owners and members. Some of the most popular bots include Chipbot, which plays music; MEE6, which sends social media notifications; and IdleRPG, which allows users to play games with friends. Discord bots have also helped people find jobs in the blockchain industry.

Discord and Blockchain

Discord is not only a gaming platform, but also a preferred choice for blockchain communities and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Many blockchain projects and DAOs use Discord as their main communication channel, where they can share updates, discuss ideas, and collaborate on initiatives.

Discord also supports bots that help blockchain communities manage their memberships and governance. For example, Collab Land is a bot that verifies if a user holds a certain token or NFT to join or stay in a community. Collab Land also enables users to vote on proposals using their tokens or NFTs.

Discord and AI Art

Discord AI Chatbot

Discord is also home to several AI art-generation communities and companies, where users can create and share their own AI-generated artworks. Some of these communities and companies require a subscription and a Discord account to access their AI platforms.

One of the most powerful AI art platforms on Discord is Midjourney, which uses generative AI to create images from text or image prompts. Midjourney had to shut off its free version due to misuse, and now only offers a paid subscription.

Other AI art platforms on Discord include BlueWillow by LimeWire, Pika by Pika Labs, and Dall-E by OpenAI.

Discord AI Chatbot and Web3 Games

Discord is also a platform for web3 game developers, who use Discord AI chatbot to enhance their gaming experiences. Web3 games are games that use blockchain technology to create decentralized and immersive worlds.

One example of a web3 game that uses Discord AI chatbot is Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos, a text-based and turn-based game that runs on the Solana blockchain. Alchemy uses generative AI to create art on demand, using Midjourney as its AI partner.

Alex Finden, the creative director of Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos, told SolanaPlayGG last summer, “Discord has a few advantages for building social games. One of those is that all of the game activities happen in this interactive environment that people are already very comfortable with.”