Clyde to Bids Adieu in November 2023: Know more about this AI Chatbot

In a surprising turn of events, Discord, the popular chat and communication platform, has announced its decision to bid farewell to Clyde, its AI chatbot. The news comes as a shock to many Discord users who have grown accustomed to Clyde’s presence and assistance in various chat functions. In this blog, we delve into the reasons behind Discord’s move and what it means for the platform’s future.

Clyde’s Journey with Discord

The AI chatbot has been an integral part of Discord since its inception. It served various functions, including assisting users with setting up their accounts, managing notifications, and providing playful responses to commands. Discord users often interacted with Clyde, making it a familiar presence in the community.

Over the years, Clyde evolved and adapted to Discord’s ever-expanding user base. It became not just a functional tool but also a recognizable personality within the platform, often adding humor and charm to various interactions. Users would often test it’s responses by sending it humorous commands or asking quirky questions, leading to amusing and memorable interactions.

Know about this AI chatbot :

More than just a chatbot

1. AI-powered AutoMod Moderation Tool

Discord has integrated OpenAI technology into its AutoMod moderation tool, making it more effective than ever. Clyde, in collaboration with AutoMod, now alerts moderators when server rules may have been violated, taking into account the context of the conversation. Since its introduction last year, AutoMod has successfully blocked over 45 million unwanted messages, ensuring a safe and appropriate environment within Discord servers.

2. Conversations Summarized with AI

Discord is introducing AI-generated conversation summaries to simplify the browsing of message streams. These summaries bundle messages into topics, enabling users to quickly catch up on discussions that pique their interest. You can easily enable this feature in Server Settings, and it will gradually roll out to a select number of servers shortly.

3. AI Incubator for Developers

Discord is taking its commitment to AI innovation a step further by introducing an AI incubator. This initiative is designed to support developers in creating AI-powered solutions on the platform. As part of Discord’s $5 million investment in developers and startups, participants in the incubator program will receive cash grants, have access to valuable office hours with Discord’s development teams, and gain early access to upcoming Discord platform features. It’s an exciting opportunity for developers to unleash their creativity and contribute to Discord’s AI ecosystem.

4. Avatar Remix and Collaborative Visual Space

Discord is also open-sourcing Avatar Remix, an app that empowers users to remix each other’s avatars using generative image models. Furthermore, Discord is exploring the concept of a shared visual space where friends and colleagues can collaborate. This space includes an AI-powered text-to-image generator, allowing users to experiment and create together in a visually stimulating environment.

The Decision to Bid Adieu

Discord’s decision to shut down the chatbot is not without reason. The platform has evolved significantly over the years, catering to a diverse user base, including gamers, communities, and businesses. With these changes, Discord’s focus has shifted towards enhancing its core communication and collaboration features.

As a result, maintaining and updating Clyde to meet the evolving needs of Discord’s users has become increasingly challenging. Discord’s engineering team has found that its functionality overlaps with other features and bots available on the platform, leading to redundancy.

What Discord Users Can Expect

What is Clyde?

Starting from December 1st, 2023, Discord users won’t be able to chat with the chatbot. The chatbot’s functions will be disabled permanently. While this news might disappoint some users who enjoyed Clyde’s presence, Discord aims to ensure a seamless transition.

Discord encourages users to explore alternative bots and features available on the platform to replace its functions. The platform remains committed to providing an enjoyable and efficient communication experience for all its users.

The Future of Discord

With Clyde’s departure, Discord is poised to continue its growth and development in the competitive communication space. Discord’s decision to streamline its offerings indicates a renewed focus on delivering high-quality communication tools and features.

While this ai chatbot may bid adieu, Discord’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction remains unwavering. Users can look forward to future updates and improvements that will further enhance their Discord experience.


Clyde’s exit from Discord marks the end of an era for the platform’s AI chatbot. Discord’s decision to shut down Clyde is a strategic move aimed at streamlining its services and focusing on its core communication and collaboration features. Users can anticipate an exciting future for Discord, with continued improvements and innovations that cater to their evolving needs.

As we bid adieu to this chatbot, Discord remains dedicated to providing a top-notch communication platform for gamers, communities, businesses, and users from all walks of life. The end of its journey is just the beginning of Discord’s next chapter in the world of online communication.

Discord users will undoubtedly miss its quirky responses and charming personality, but they can rest assured that the platform’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering. With its departure, Discord sets its sights on a future filled with new opportunities and enhanced features that will continue to redefine the way we connect and communicate online.

As we look ahead, Discord invites its users to join the platform on this exciting journey of growth and innovation. While Clyde may no longer be a part of the conversation, Discord’s promise of delivering an exceptional communication experience remains stronger than ever. The best is yet to come, and Discord users can expect a future filled with even more possibilities and enhancements.

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