Cineverse Unchains Cinesearch: The Ultimate AI-Powered Streaming Savior

For movie and TV show lovers, navigating the ever-expanding world of streaming services can be a struggle. With millions of titles available, the question of “what to watch” often leads to wasted time scrolling through menus. Cineverse, a streaming technology and entertainment platform, aims to solve this problem with the launch of Cinesearch, a revolutionary AI-powered search assistant.

Cinesearch: Personalized Recommendations at Your Fingertips

Cinesearch goes beyond simple keyword searches. This innovative platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to understand your preferences and curate personalized recommendations. Imagine craving a dark romantic comedy set in the Australian outback. Cinesearch not only understands your specific mood and genre desires but also factors in location preferences. It then searches across Cineverse and over 60 other major streaming services to identify the perfect match, eliminating the need to jump between apps.

Gracenote Partnership With Cineverse Empowers Cinesearch with Rich Data

To deliver these insightful recommendations, Cinesearch leverages the power of Gracenote, a Nielsen company specializing in comprehensive movie and TV metadata solutions. This partnership grants Cinesearch access to real-time information on millions of titles, including synopses, cast and crew details, genre classifications, and even intensity ratings.


According to Nielsen’s State of Play report, American viewers spend a staggering 10 minutes per session simply browsing for something to watch, with that number increasing by 40% since 2019. Frustrated by the overwhelming choices, a significant 20% abandon their search altogether. Cinesearch tackles this head-on by streamlining the discovery process.

AI and Machine Learning: The Engine Behind Cinesearch

The magic behind Cinesearch lies in its AI foundation. Developed using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI search and built on top of the powerful PaLM 2 Large Language Model (LLM), Cinesearch personalizes recommendations based on factors like your viewing history, preferred streaming services, and content preferences. This not only saves you time but also introduces you to hidden gems you might have otherwise missed.

A Conversational Experience with Ava, Your AI Guide

Cineverse goes even further by introducing Ava, a friendly chatbot assistant who elevates your search experience beyond simple keyword queries. Imagine you’re planning a movie night with friends and can’t decide what genre to watch. Ava can engage in a natural conversation, asking questions to understand your preferences and group tastes. Do you prefer something suspenseful to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, or a lighthearted comedy to induce laughter? Ava can even incorporate individual preferences into her suggestions.

For instance, if one friend loves sci-fi while another enjoys historical dramas, Ava can recommend titles that blend these genres or offer separate options that cater to each viewer’s taste. Ava’s conversational capabilities extend beyond genre selection. Feeling indecisive about actors? Ava can search based on your favorite stars or introduce you to talented performers you might not be familiar with yet.

She can even recommend movies directed by your preferred filmmakers or explore hidden gems within specific subgenres. No matter your search query, Ava utilizes Cinesearch’s extensive data and your unique preferences to provide tailored suggestions that ensure everyone has a satisfying viewing experience.

International Expansion on the Horizon

Thanks to Gracenote’s vast metadata catalog supporting numerous foreign languages, Cinesearch has a clear path to international expansion. This ensures that viewers worldwide can benefit from its AI-powered recommendations, regardless of their location or language preference.

Revolutionizing Streaming Discovery: The Future is Here

Cineverse and Gracenote are confident that Cinesearch is a major advancement in streaming. Tony Huidor, Chief Operating and Technology Officer at Cineverse mentioned that they are working on launching a search and discovery tool that they believe will be the best in streaming. Cinesearch, with its personalized recommendations, conversational interface, and global accessibility, could change how we find and enjoy our favorite movies and TV shows.