OnePlus’s AI Music Studio Brings Your Music to Life

Transform your music-making experience with OnePlus’s AI Music Studio – the innovative solution for crafting professional-grade tracks with ease.

Compose, Create & Share

On November 21, OnePlus, a renowned Chinese electronics brand, introduced its AI Music Studio. This innovative platform empowers users to produce and compose music by utilizing cutting-edge gen-AI-powered tools. With this platform, individuals can skillfully combine their own lyrics with beats generated by artificial intelligence. Moreover, users have the freedom to choose from a diverse range of musical genres such as rap, hip-hop, EDM, and more, enabling them to create their own unique tracks from the ground up. The studio also provides a visually captivating interface that allows users to craft music videos for their compositions, which can be easily downloaded and shared across various social media platforms.

Ishita Grover, Director of Marketing at OnePlus India, emphasized that the OnePlus AI Music Studio goes beyond being a mere tool. It represents an extraordinary blend of technology and creativity, empowering users to express their artistic potential. The aim is to empower our community and enable them to shape their own unique musical journey.

Screenshot taken from oneplus’s aimusicstudio

How to generate music using the OnePlus AI Music Studio

To begin, go to and locate the ‘Create a Track’ button on the homepage. At this point, you will be prompted to either log in using your registered email ID or create a new account. After successfully logging in, the studio will present you with various options for generating music tracks. Choose the genre of the track you wish to create, along with a mood and theme for an AI-generated Music video from the available choices. Once you have made your selections, click on ‘Proceed’. Next, the platform will request you to enter a text prompt that will serve as the inspiration for your lyrics. Simply type in your desired input and click on ‘Generate’ to proceed.

The OnePlus AI Music Studio empowers users to produce music spanning various genres such as rap, hip-hop, and EDM. With this platform, users can skillfully compose lyrics and seamlessly merge them with beats generated by AI technology.

The Artistry in AI

OnePlus doesn’t rest on its laurels. Future updates aim to enhance the platform’s AI capabilities, refining its understanding of music composition and further tailoring it to artists’ evolving needs. OnePlus redefines AI’s role from tool to partner—an entity that augments, not supersedes, creativity. It embodies the harmonious alliance between human ingenuity and technological innovation.

OnePlus’ platform isn’t a standalone innovation; it’s a foundation for musical evolution. It represents a shift towards collaborative creativity, where AI and human artistry converge to redefine music production. The platform’s essence lies in liberation. It’s about empowering artists with tools that nurture experimentation, dissolve creative barriers, and encourage diverse musical expressions.

In conclusion, OnePlus’ AI music creation platform marks a significant milestone in the musical landscape. As artists embrace this revolutionary tool, the fusion of AI sophistication and artistic expression promises a new era of innovation and creativity in music production. 

As OnePlus’ AI platform continues to resonate within the music industry, it signifies more than technological prowess—it symbolizes the partnership between human emotion and AI capabilities. This platform stands testament to a future where technology and artistry coalesce, transforming musical creation into a harmonious journey of innovation and imagination.

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