5 Best AI Resume Builders or CV Creators in 2024

Crafting a compelling resume can be a daunting task.  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many companies often scan resumes for specific keywords, making it crucial to tailor your resume for each job application.

The good news? Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help! AI resume builders can streamline the process by creating personalized and ATS-friendly resumes in minutes.

What is an AI Resume Builder?

An AI resume builder is an interactive tool that leverages artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data, including industry trends and keywords. This data is then used to suggest content and design elements that best suit your profile and target positions.

Here are 5 of the Best AI Resume Builders in 2024:

1. Kickresume:

    kickresume ai cv builder

    Key Features:

    • Import & Build: Import your existing resume or LinkedIn profile for a quick start, or build your resume from scratch.
    • AI-powered Assistant: Answer a quick questionnaire, and Kickresume’s AI populates your resume with relevant content.
    • Resume Review Tool: Get instant feedback and suggestions for improvement.
    • Credit System: Access GPT-3’s AI writing capabilities using a credit system, with limited free uses.


    • Free Plan: Create one AI-generated resume at no cost.
    • Premium Plan: Monthly subscription required for additional resume drafts.
    • Student/Teacher Discount: Enjoy six months of free premium access (verification required).
    • Referral Bonus: Get friends a free month of premium with a yearly plan.

    Minimal effort required for AI-generated content creation.Limited access to GPT-3 due to the credit system.
    Free plan allows you to build and download one resume.AI-generated content might lack a personal touch.
    Flexibility to manage resume sections (add, reorder, remove).Free plan offers limited features.
    Leverage LinkedIn profile data for auto-fill functionality.Fewer resume template options compared to some competitors.

    2. Enhancv:

    Enhancv AI CV generator

    Enhancv stands out as an AI resume builder that goes beyond basic content creation. It offers modern design templates, AI-powered analysis, and the ability to incorporate interactive elements, making your resume stand out from the crowd.

    Key Features:

    • AI Resume Analysis: Get personalized recommendations to enhance your resume content based on your experience, career goals, and industry.
    • Interactive Elements: Showcase your creativity and skills by incorporating images, videos, and links into your resume, particularly useful for design-oriented fields.
    • Modern Templates & Drag-and-Drop Editing: Choose from a range of polished and modern resume templates that you can easily customize using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
    • Peer Feedback Integration: Gain valuable insights by sharing a link to your resume with colleagues. They can access it directly and leave comments for improvement.


    • Free Trial: Explore Enhancv’s features with a week-long free trial.
    • Free Plan: Create two resumes and cover letters. However, downloads will have Enhancv branding and limited features. Upgrading is required to remove branding and access advanced features.
    • Pro Plan: Upgrade to Enhancv’s Pro plan to unlock full editing capabilities and download branding-free resumes in PDF and TXT formats (no Microsoft Word support).
    Stand Out with Interactive Elements: Showcase your skills and creativity with images, videos, and links, making your resume visually appealing (especially for design fields).Limited Free Plan Functionality: The free plan restricts downloads and lacks access to key features.
    AI Insights for Improvement: Receive personalized AI recommendations to enhance your resume content and target specific career paths.Editing AI-Generated Content: AI-generated content might require some editing to ensure a personal touch.
    Easy Customization: Effortlessly personalize your resume with modern templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.Cost Compared to Competitors: Enhancv’s pricing might be higher compared to some similar AI resume builder tools.
    Free Trial to Explore: Try Enhancv’s functionalities risk-free with a week-long trial.No Microsoft Word Export: Currently, Enhancv doesn’t support exporting resumes in Microsoft Word format (only PDF and TXT).

    3. Rezi:

    Rezi AI CV builder

    Rezi takes a targeted approach to resume building, focusing on helping you craft applications that bypass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and land in the hands of real people.

    Key Features:

    • ATS Optimization: Rezi’s AI analyzes your resume to ensure it surpasses ATS scans and gets noticed by potential employers.
    • AI Keyword Targeting & Feedback: Receive real-time suggestions and feedback on industry-specific keywords to tailor your resume for each job application.
    • ATS-Friendly Templates: Choose from customizable resume templates designed specifically for optimal parsing by ATS software.
    • AI-powered Error Detection & Editing: Rezi’s editing tool identifies and corrects any errors within your resume content.


    • Free Plan: A limited number of credits are included for a taste of the AI writing tool, allowing you to create one or two resumes. Additional credits can be purchased as a one-time option.
    • Monthly Plans: Rezi offers two monthly subscription options:
      • Basic Plan: This plan allows for one resume creation and limited access to key features.
      • Premium Plan: This plan provides users with 100,000 AI credits that refresh each month, allowing for multiple resume creations and broader access to features.

    ATS Powerhouse: Increase your chances of getting noticed by employers with Rezi’s ATS optimization features.Limited Free Plan: The free plan offers a single template option and restricted access to features.
    Keyword Mastery: Target industry-specific keywords with the help of AI suggestions and feedback, ensuring strong alignment with job descriptions.Section Reordering Limitations: Rezi may not allow you to freely reorder resume sections as desired.
    Smart Editing: Rezi’s AI editor helps you identify and rectify errors to present a polished resume.More User Input: Compared to some AI resume builders, Rezi might require more user input throughout the resume creation process.
    One-Page Auto-Adjust: The auto-adjust feature conveniently reformats content to fit neatly onto a single page.

    4. Resume.com:

    Resumenow ai cv generator

    While not strictly an AI resume builder itself, Resume.com offers a robust free resume builder with the option to upgrade for access to advanced AI features.

    Key Features:

    • Free Resume Builder: Get started with basic resume building tools, allowing you to create and edit your resume online.
    • AI Features (Premium): Upgrade to unlock advanced AI functionalities such as:
      • Improvement Suggestions: Receive data-driven insights on how to improve your resume’s overall structure and content.
      • Skill Optimization: Optimize your resume by ensuring your listed skills are relevant to the jobs you’re targeting.
      • Keyword Matching: Strategically incorporate keywords from job descriptions to enhance your chances of getting noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


    • Free Plan: Build and edit your resume using basic tools.
    • Premium Plans: Upgrade to access advanced AI features with monthly or yearly subscriptions.

    Free Starting Point: The free plan offers a platform to build your resume without initial investment.Limited Features in Free Plan: The free plan offers basic functionality and may not be suitable for everyone.
    Freemium Model: Upgrade for premium features only if you need advanced AI functionalities.Upgrade Required for AI Features: You’ll need a premium plan to access advanced AI capabilities.
    AI Optimization: Enhance your resume by leveraging AI for improvement suggestions, skill optimization, and keyword matching.

    5. Resumaker.ai:

    Resumaker AI CV builder

    Resumaker.ai simplifies the resume building process with its user-friendly interface and AI-powered features. It’s ideal for those seeking a quick and efficient way to create a personalized resume.

    Key Features:

    • AI-powered Auto-Fill: Save time by using the AI to automatically populate your resume with job titles, personal information, and relevant keywords.
    • Prewritten Content Suggestions: Leverage the prewritten content suggestions to quickly build your resume’s first draft with minimal editing needed.
    • Tailored Content Analysis: Align your resume with specific career goals through the content analysis feature.
    • Keyword Extraction & Integration: Resumaker’s AI can extract keywords from job descriptions or company websites and strategically incorporate them into your resume.


    • No Free Trial: Unfortunately, Resumaker.ai doesn’t offer a free trial for their AI resume builder. To create a resume, you’ll need to choose a paid plan.
    • Paid Plans:
      • 7-Day Access Plan: A low-cost option to create a single resume.
      • Monthly Subscription: Sign up for a monthly plan for ongoing resume creation needs. The price reduces when you commit to longer terms (3-month or 6-month subscriptions).

    Guided Assistance: The built-in interactive assistant simplifies the process by guiding you step-by-step.Limited Free Options: There’s no free trial or plan to test the platform before committing.
    Job-Specific Optimization: Tailor your resume to specific job descriptions by incorporating relevant keywords.Limited Templates: The selection of resume templates is somewhat limited compared to other AI resume builders.
    Minimal Time Investment: Effortlessly build your resume with minimal time and effort thanks to AI assistance.Limited Suggested Phrases: The number of suggested phrases offered by the AI might be restricted.
    High-Quality Suggestions: Benefit from prewritten content suggestions that are both high-quality and relevant to your profile.Customization Limitations: Customization options are limited, primarily focusing on template line spacing and color adjustments.

    Tips and Tricks for Creating a Winning AI-powered Resume:

    • Personalize it: While AI can be a great starting point, tailor the AI-generated content to reflect your unique voice and experiences.
    • Quantify Achievements: Use numbers and metrics to showcase the impact of your past projects and contributions.
    • Target Your Skills: Carefully review the skills section and ensure they are relevant to the specific job you’re applying for.
    • Optimize for Keywords: Include industry-specific keywords throughout your resume to improve your chances of getting noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
    • Proofread and Edit: AI is a powerful tool, but it’s not perfect. Proofread your resume carefully for any inaccuracies or awkward phrasing.
    • Keep it Readable: Use a clean and professional layout that prioritizes easy reading.


    Can AI generate a CV?

    Yes, AI resume builders can also be used to create CVs (Curriculum Vitae).  While there may be slight variations in format depending on your location,  the core principles of AI resume building apply to CV creation as well.

    What is the best AI resume builder in 2024?

    The “best” AI resume builder depends on your individual needs and preferences.  Consider factors like features, pricing, and ease of use when making your choice.

    Should I rely solely on an AI resume builder?

    While AI resume builders are a valuable tool,  it’s important to use them as a starting point.  Your human touch is essential to personalize the content and ensure it accurately reflects your skills and experience.