How Amazon Ads uses generative AI to create better ads

Amazon introduces AI-powered image generation to assist advertisers in providing a better ad experience for customers. In this post, learn how Amazon Ads’ new image generation tool uses generative AI to help advertisers create more attractive and effective ads.

What is generative AI and why is it important for advertising?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as images, text, or audio, based on existing data and inputs. It can be used to enhance the creativity and efficiency of advertising, as well as to personalize the ads for different audiences and contexts.

Advertising is both an art and a science, and AI can help with both aspects. Data science, analytics, and AI have already improved the performance and optimization of digital advertising in the past two decades. However, many advertisers still struggle with creating engaging and relevant ad creatives and formats, which can affect their campaign success.

According to a survey conducted by Amazon in March 2023, nearly 75% of the advertisers who failed to achieve their campaign goals said that their biggest challenges were building ad creatives and choosing a creative format.

How does Amazon Ads’ image generation tool work?

To address this pain point, Amazon Ads has introduced a new image generation tool in beta, which is a generative AI solution that allows advertisers to easily create lifestyle images for their products. Lifestyle images are images that show how a product can be used or enjoyed in a real-life setting, such as a toaster on a kitchen counter with a croissant. These images can make the ads more appealing and relatable to the customers, and increase their click-through rates.

For instance, they found that mobile Sponsored Brands ads that used lifestyle images had 40% higher click-through rates than those that used standard product images on a white background.

The image generation tool is designed to remove creative barriers and enable advertisers of all sizes to produce high-quality lifestyle images for their products. It does not require any technical skills or in-house capabilities, and it can save time and money for the advertisers.

The tool is integrated with the Amazon Ad Console, where advertisers can simply select their product and click Generate. The tool then uses generative AI to produce a set of lifestyle and brand-themed images based on the product details in seconds. The advertiser can then refine the image by entering short text prompts, such as “add coffee mug” or “change background color”. The tool also allows the advertiser to create and test multiple versions of the image to find the best one for their campaign.

What are the benefits of using Amazon Ads’ image generation tool?

The image generation tool is a powerful way for advertisers to leverage artificial intelligence to create better ads. Some of the benefits are:

  • It can help advertisers create more engaging and differentiated ads that stand out from the competition and attract more customers.
  • It can help advertisers reduce the cost and effort of producing ad creatives, as they do not need to hire external agencies or experts.
  • It can help advertisers optimize their ad performance, as they can easily test different variations of the image and choose the best one for their campaign goals.
  • It can help advertisers deliver a better advertising experience for their customers, as they can show them more relevant and visually rich ads that match their interests and needs.

How can I access Amazon Ads’ image generation tool?

Amazon Ads has started rolling out the image generation tool to select advertisers and will expand its availability over time. Amazon Ads will also continue to improve the tool based on customer feedback and suggestions.

If you are interested in using the image generation tool for your campaigns, you can contact Amazon to request access. With the image generation tool, they hope to empower advertisers with generative AI and help them create more engaging and effective ads.