Walmart Reveals AI-Powered Tools and Drone Deliveries at CES 2024

Walmart has unveiled new AI-powered tools and drone deliveries at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The retail giant showcased its commitment to using technology to improve customers’ shopping experiences. Walmart’s focus on AI and technology is evident in its commitment to reimagining product search, augmented reality social commerce, and immersive commerce experiences.

Generative AI-Powered Search Tool

Walmart has launched a new generative AI-powered search experience for iOS users, which allows customers to search by specific use cases, such as “football watch party” to find relevant items. The new search experience is available on iOS and will be available to all platforms later this quarter. Walmart’s proprietary data and technology, along with large language models, including those available in Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, were used to build the new design that serves up a curated list of personalized items a shopper is looking for.

Image Source: Walmart

Walmart AI-Driven Receipt Check System

Walmart has introduced an AI-powered receipt check system at Sam’s Club, which uses computer vision technology to confirm that members have paid for their items without the need for a traditional receipt check. The pilot program is currently running in 10 locations and will be rolled out further later this year. The system uses computer vision tech to capture images of customers’ carts, and AI speeds up the process of confirming purchases.

Drone Deliveries

Walmart plans to extend its drone delivery service to an extra 1.8 million households in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area shortly. This move reflects the increasing demand and effectiveness of the service, as Walmart has already completed 20,000 drone deliveries in seven different states. The expansion will cover over 30 towns and municipalities in the DFW metroplex, making it the first time a U.S. retailer has provided drone delivery to such a large number of households in a single market. The deliveries will be facilitated by on-demand drone delivery providers, Wing and Zipline.

InHome Replenishment

Walmart is working on an AI-driven tool called “InHome Replenishment,” which aims to learn consumers’ shopping habits and keep them stocked on their favorite groceries. The tool will help customers avoid running out of essential items by automatically replenishing them. Walmart expects to bring the tool to its nearly 600 clubs by year-end.

My Assistant

In 2024, Walmart plans to expand its generative AI tool, My Assistant, to 11 countries outside the U.S. This tool is designed to assist non-store associates by helping them with tasks such as summarizing lengthy documents or generating fresh content. Moreover, the tool will be available in the native languages of the employees.

Scan and Go Technology

Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart, is bringing in a fresh approach to the checkout process. They are implementing “scan and go” technology, self-checkout, and traditionally staffed registers. Instead of having customers stop at a cashier to show their receipt, cameras located at the store exits will capture an image of the items in shoppers’ carts to verify their purchases. Currently, this camera technology is accessible in 10 clubs, and it will be expanded to more locations later this year.

Walmart’s focus on AI and technology is evident in its commitment to reimagining product search, augmented reality social commerce, and immersive commerce experiences. These innovations aim to create a seamless and efficient shopping experience for customers, while also leveraging the power of AI and technology to improve the retail landscape.

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