Vasco Translator E1: A new AI voice translator for 49 languages

Vasco Translator E1: A new AI voice translator for 49 languages

Vasco Electronics has introduced the Vasco Translator E1, a new voice translation device that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to translate 49 languages in real-time. The device, which was previewed at CES 2024 in Las Vegas last week, consists of earpieces and a phone app that work together to provide live audio and text translations.

How Vasco Translator E1 works

The Vasco Translator E1 is a device that enables users to have natural and seamless conversations in different languages. Users can wear the earpieces, which fit over the ear for hygiene reasons, and connect them to the phone app via Bluetooth. The app can detect the language spoken by the user and translate it to the desired language. The user can hear the translation through the earpiece, and also see it as text on the app screen.

The device can support conversations with up to 10 people, who can each speak their own language and hear the response in their language. The device can also be used with one earpiece and a phone, or with two earpieces for a more immersive experience.

The device can translate 49 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and more. The device uses AI to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translations, as well as to filter out background noise and identify human voices.

Vasco Translator E1
Image Source: Vasco Translator

How Vasco Translator E1 differs from Vasco Translator V4

The Vasco Translator E1 is the latest product from Vasco Electronics, a company based in Poland that specializes in voice translation devices. The company also sells the Vasco Translator V4, which is a handheld device that resembles a smartphone and can translate speech, text, and images.

The Vasco Translator V4 can translate 76 languages for speech, 108 languages for images, and 90 languages for text. The device can also be used to scan and translate text from images, such as signs, menus, or documents.

However, the Vasco Translator V4 is more suitable for short and fast conversations, such as when traveling or needing to get something done quickly. The device requires the user to hold it in their hand and press a button to speak and listen.

The Vasco Translator E1, on the other hand, is more user-friendly for longer and more natural conversations, such as when working in international teams, living in foreign countries, or having family members from different backgrounds. The device allows the user to put it on the table wear the earbuds, and set it to touchless translation mode, where the device automatically translates the speech without any buttons.

Tomasz Stomski, Vasco’s chief product officer, told FOX Business at CES that the Vasco Translator E1 was designed to be more natural and convenient for users.

Stomski mentioned that they opted for a more organic approach, allowing users to place the device on a table and wear earbuds while engaging in a conversation. By activating the touchless translation mode, one can effortlessly communicate without the need to hold the device in their hand.

The Vasco Translator E1 is also compatible with the Vasco Translator V4, for users who want to use both devices for different situations.

When and where Vasco Translator E1 will be available

The Vasco Translator E1 is expected to be available in the U.S. in the second quarter of this year, while it will be available in Europe this March. The price and availability of the device in other regions have not been announced yet.

The device is one of the most advanced and versatile voice translation devices in the market, and it shows Vasco’s innovation and expertise in AI and language technology. The device can help users overcome language barriers and communicate more effectively and easily with people from different cultures and backgrounds.