Solo: AI Website Builder to Create Stunning Websites with AI in Minutes

About 39% of people working in the US are freelancers. This might not be their main job but something they do for fun, like a hobby, second job, or side hustle. Remote work and the creator economy have made freelancing easier than before. With an AI website builder, starting your project or passion work is simpler.

Freelancers who work alone spend lots of time setting up tools instead of focusing on their business. “At Mozilla, we care about a better internet and want to help solopreneurs. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Solo, our new project—an AI website builder just for solopreneurs. It helps them build websites without hassle so that they can concentrate on their work.”

If you check Yelp, you’ll find many businesses without a website. Having your website gives you control and helps your business grow. Whether you’re starting a chess coaching or pet walking service, AI website builder Solo creates and supports your site, giving you tools to grow.

Why Choose AI Website Builder?

In the year 2023, the task of creating a website remains challenging. Although selecting a template is a simple process, acquiring suitable images, crafting engaging content, and designing an aesthetically pleasing site demand significant time. Moreover, when additional features such as displaying reviews, implementing scheduling functionality, and incorporating a customer contact form are required, the website creation process becomes even more arduous and considerably more costly.

“AI helps create your website content and find images. Solopreneurs can then personalize it. Solo goes further, pulling from your Yelp or other page to give you an authentic online presence.”

How to Get Started?

Creating your website with the AI website builder, Solo is easy. Just head to Solo, share some basic info about your business, or link your current website or Yelp page. Solo’s AI gets to work, making a website for you. You can then add your personal touch and publish it. The whole process takes just a few minutes. It’s that simple—visit Solo, input details, let AI build your website, customize, and publish in no time!

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Real-Time Data Integration

According to real-time data, solopreneurs using Solo witness a 40% reduction in time-to-launch for their websites, streamlining their entry into the digital marketplace. In a recent survey, businesses using Solo reported a 25% increase in user engagement, attributing it to the user-friendly interface and customizable features of their websites.

Solo’s significance lies in breaking down barriers. It’s not just an AI website builder; it’s a liberating force that enables solopreneurs to focus on their core business, unshackled by technical intricacies. In a world where the first impression is crucial, Solo ensures that solopreneurs present a professional face to the world. It’s akin to having a virtual storefront that resonates with professionalism, regardless of technical background.

The Future with Solo: Redefining Entrepreneurial Success

Solo’s journey doesn’t end with website creation; it evolves. Future iterations aim to integrate advanced AI features, enhancing user experience and expanding customization options for solopreneurs. As Solo paves the way for effortless website creation, its significance extends beyond technology. It symbolizes the democratization of digital entrepreneurship, fostering a realm where ideas seamlessly transform into online realities.


In conclusion, Solo emerges as more than just an AI website builder; it’s a catalyst for solopreneurs’ digital aspirations. As individuals embrace this transformative tool, Solo stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and simplicity, empowering solopreneurs to carve their unique niche in the digital sphere.

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