Social Media Plans: How This New Platform Uses AI for a More Interesting Experience

Social Media Plans: Scrolling through endless negativity and the same recycled jokes can leave you feeling drained. Social media platforms, once a place for connection and discovery, can often turn into echo chambers where getting likes and followers becomes the main goal.

But what if there was a way to experience social media differently? A platform that prioritizes sparking your curiosity and introducing you to interesting ideas, rather than bombarding you with negativity and the pressure to go viral?

Enter Maven, a new social media platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a more serendipitous online experience.

What is Maven?

Unlike traditional social media plans, Maven focuses on connecting you with interesting content, not people or follower counts. It utilizes an open-ended AI algorithm that curates content based on your interests but also throws in a healthy dose of unexpected discoveries to keep things fresh.

Here’s what sets Maven apart:

  • Ditch the Likes and Follows: Forget the pressure to get likes and build a massive following. Maven removes these features entirely, allowing you to focus on the content itself.
  • Topics Over People: Instead of following individuals, you follow topics that pique your interest. This opens you up to a wider range of perspectives and ideas.
  • The Serendipity Slider: Feeling stuck in a content rut? Maven‘s unique “serendipity slider” allows you to control how much new and unexpected content is introduced to your feed.

Why Use Maven?

If you’re tired of the negativity and constant competition on traditional social media plans, Maven offers a refreshing alternative. Here are some reasons to give it a try:

  • Escape the Echo Chamber: Break free from the algorithms that keep feeding you the same content and opinions. Explore diverse viewpoints and discover new interests you never knew you had.
  • Find Content You Actually Care About No more endless scrolling through irrelevant posts. Maven focuses on delivering content that aligns with your specific interests.
  • Rediscover the Joy of Exploration: Remember the early days of the internet, when browsing felt like an adventure? Maven aims to recapture that spirit of discovery and exploration.

How Does it Work?

Maven’s AI algorithm analyzes the content you engage with and uses that information to suggest new topics and posts that might interest you. Users can also tag content with relevant topics, further refining the algorithm’s suggestions. The “serendipity slider” allows you to fine-tune the balance between familiar and surprising content in your feed.

The Challenge of Monetization

Creating a sustainable business model for a platform like Maven presents a unique challenge. Traditional methods like advertising, which often rely on sensational content and virality, don’t quite fit Maven’s philosophy.

While data sales are another possibility, Stanley, the co-founder of Maven, expresses reservations about their potential negative impact. A subscription model seems like a more promising option, allowing Maven to maintain its focus on user experience without compromising its core values.

The Future of Social Media Plans?

The success of Maven could signal a shift in the way we interact online. Open-ended AI, with its ability to generate unexpected connections and spark curiosity, has the potential to revolutionize social media plans. Stanley even sees a link between open-endedness and the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI), a type of AI that could mimic human-level intelligence.

Ultimately, Maven represents a hopeful vision for the future of social media plans. A platform that prioritizes genuine connection, exploration, and the joy of discovery over the pursuit of likes and online fame.


Maven is still in its early stages, but it has already captured the attention of many users yearning for a more positive and enriching social media experience. Whether it becomes the next big thing remains to be seen. However, its innovative approach and focus on user experience offer a compelling alternative to the current social media landscape.