Slack AI: A New Way to Access Corporate Knowledge

Slack is a popular enterprise communications platform that stores a wealth of institutional knowledge in its channels and conversations. However, accessing and making use of that information can be difficult with traditional search tools. That’s why Slack has launched a new feature called Slack AI, which uses generative AI to help users find, understand, and create knowledge on the platform.

Slack AI is powered by SlackGPT, a custom version of generative AI that was announced last May at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City. SlackGPT is trained on the content of the Slack platform and can generate natural language responses to user queries and requests.

How Slack AI works

Slack AI has two main functionalities: search and summarization, and question answering.

Search and summarization

Slack AI can help users search and summarize information inside channels, which can be useful for catching up on missed conversations, getting an overview of a topic, or finding relevant details. Users can simply ask for a summary of a channel, and it will generate a concise and informative summary of the main topics discussed, along with references to the original messages. Users can also drill down into any part of the summary to see the detailed context and source.

Its search and summarization feature is designed to be transparent, trustworthy, and interactive. Users can see how Slack AI created the summary, and provide feedback on the quality of the response. Users can also explore the summary and learn more about the topics of interest.

Question answering

Slack AI can also help users ask questions in a natural way, and get answers from the Slack content. Users can ask questions like ‘What is Project Gizmo?’ or ‘Who is in charge of the marketing campaign?’, and the AI will deliver an answer, along with the source of the information. Users can also see the quality of the answer, and provide feedback to help it improve.

Slack AI’s question-answering feature is designed to be accurate, relevant, and helpful. Users can get answers from the Slack platform, instead of relying on external sources. Users can also see the reliability of the answer, and provide feedback to help Slack AI learn.

How to get Slack AI

Slack AI is an add-on product for enterprise plans, which means that users will have to pay extra to use it. Slack did not disclose the pricing details but said that it is available today in the U.S. and U.K., in English only for now. Slack also said that it plans to expand the availability of it to other languages and regions shortly.

Slack AI
Source: Slack

It is a new way to access and generate knowledge on the Slack platform, using generative AI. It can help users search, summarize, and ask questions on the platform, and get natural language responses. Slack AI aims to make the information on the platform more accessible, understandable, and useful for users.

Can I use it for personal accounts?

Slack AI is an add-on product for enterprise plans, which means that it is not available for personal accounts. However, you can sign up to be the first to try the beta and test new features.

Many AI-related apps on the Slack App Directory can help you with various tasks and functions. Here are some examples:

  • Notion: A connected workspace for your docs, projects, and knowledge. You can use Notion to create, edit, and share documents, databases, and notes with your team, and integrate them with Slack.
  • Gong: A tool that provides real-time insights into your sales conversations. You can use Gong to record, transcribe, and analyze your calls, and get feedback and coaching from Slack.
  • Deel AI: A tool that automates HR processes where your global team works. You can use Deel AI to onboard, pay, and manage your remote employees and contractors, and get notifications and reminders from Slack.
  • Guru: An enterprise AI search tool that brings company information right into your Slack console. You can use Guru to find answers to your questions, access knowledge bases, and verify information from Slack.

You can find more AI-related apps on the Slack App Directory by using filters or searching for the desired functionality.