OpenAI Welcomes ChatGPT Voice Feature for All Users Amidst CEO Shakeup

In a remarkable move, OpenAI, a prominent AI research organization, has introduced a significant upgrade to its ChatGPT service, ChatGPT Voice Feature. This enhancement allows users to engage in voice conversations with ChatGPT, and the best part—it’s accessible to everyone at no cost. OpenAI’s commitment to democratizing AI technologies is evident in this decision.

ChatGPT Voice Feature Unveiled

OpenAI’s decision to unlock the voice feature for all users is a substantial development. Previously, this feature was reserved for paid users, but now, anyone can initiate voice interactions with ChatGPT via the mobile app by simply tapping the headphones icon. ChatGPT responds audibly, offering a more immersive and inclusive AI experience. This democratization of access aligns with OpenAI’s vision of making advanced AI accessible to a broader audience.

CEO Shakeup

This momentous announcement arrives at a time of significant change within OpenAI’s leadership. The organization’s board of directors recently made a surprising decision to remove co-founder and CEO Sam Altman from his position. The rationale behind this move was related to concerns about communication and transparency.

The situation escalated when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella extended an invitation to Sam Altman and his team to join Microsoft and lead a new division. Altman’s potential return to OpenAI adds an element of unpredictability to the organization’s future.

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Greg Brockman’s Perspective

Greg Brockman, the former president of OpenAI who resigned following Altman’s departure, expressed his excitement about ChatGPT’s new voice feature. He shared on X, “Give it a try — it completely transforms the ChatGPT experience.” Brockman’s willingness to return to OpenAI underscores the dynamic nature of the organization.

A Playful Showcase of ChatGPT Voice Feature

OpenAI introduced the voice feature with a touch of humor. A user playfully asked, “It’s been a long night for the team, and we’re hungry. How many 16-inch pizzas should I order for 778 people?” This lighthearted scenario alludes to OpenAI’s situation, as it has approximately 778 employees, adding an element of whimsy to the announcement.

OpenAI’s Dedication to Accessibility

ChatGPT Voice Feature, OpenAI Welcomes New Feature

As OpenAI grapples with these changes and challenges, the introduction of the free voice feature for ChatGPT exemplifies the organization’s ongoing dedication to innovation and accessibility in the realm of artificial intelligence.

The Future of AI Interaction

With ChatGPT’s voice feature now open to all users, the AI community eagerly anticipates how this development will shape the future of AI interactions and the broader landscape of AI-driven applications. This milestone underscores OpenAI’s commitment to making AI technology accessible and engaging for all.


In a landscape marked by leadership transitions and organizational shifts, OpenAI’s decision to offer free voice interaction with ChatGPT reflects its enduring commitment to advancing AI accessibility. As users explore this ChatGPT Voice Feature, the world of AI interactions stands poised for exciting developments, reaffirming OpenAI’s role as a pioneering force in AI innovation.