Moto X50 Ultra: Motorola’s first AI phone with Formula 1 partnership

Motorola is preparing to unveil its first AI phone, the Moto X50 Ultra, which will be the flagship device of its upcoming X50 series. The company has been teasing the AI phone on social media, revealing some of its key features and design elements.

It will also mark Motorola’s partnership with Formula 1, which will influence the aesthetics and performance of the smartphone. Moreover, it will reportedly have generative AI features rivaling the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

What is the X50 Ultra?

It is Motorola’s first “Ultra” variant, which will have AI features that will enhance the user experience and functionality of the smartphone. The company has not revealed the exact details of the AI features. Still, it is speculated that they will be similar to the generative AI features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content or data based on existing inputs or data. For example, generative AI can produce realistic images, videos, audio, text, or code from scratch or by modifying existing ones.

It will also be the first smartphone to feature Motorola’s partnership with Formula 1, the premier racing event in the world. The company has hinted that the design of the Moto X50 Ultra will be inspired by the Formula 1 cars, which are known for their sleek and aerodynamic shapes. It will also have a faux leather finish and a rectangular camera module, as shown in the teaser video.

The partnership with Formula 1 may also imply that the Moto X50 Ultra will have a high-performance chipset and a fast-charging battery.

When and where will the Moto X50 Ultra launch?

moto x50 ultra
Image Source: Sparrow News/Youtube

It will be initially launched in China, where Motorola has a strong presence and fan base. The company has not announced the exact launch date, but some reports suggest that it will be in April. It will also hit the global market later, just like the Moto X40 series, launched in China first and then globally as the Motorola Edge 40 series.

However, the global version of the Moto X50 Ultra may have some differences in terms of specs and features, depending on the market demand and availability. For instance, if the Moto X50 Ultra launches in India, it may be rebranded as the Motorola Edge 50 series.

What are the specs and features of the Moto X50 Ultra?

It is expected to be a premium smartphone with high-end specs and features. According to GSMArena, the Moto X50 Ultra will have a 4500mAh battery that will support 125W fast charging, which will enable the smartphone to charge from 0 to 100% in less than 20 minutes. It will also have a powerful chipset that will support the AI features and performance of the smartphone.

The chipset could be either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the MediaTek Dimensity 9300, both of which are the latest and most advanced processors in the market. The Moto X50 Ultra will also have a stunning display, a versatile camera system, and premium sound quality, among other features.

It is Motorola’s ambitious attempt to enter the AI phone market and compete with the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple. The Moto X50 Ultra will offer a unique combination of AI features, Formula 1 design, and premium specs, which will make it a compelling choice for smartphone enthusiasts.

The Moto X50 Ultra will also showcase Motorola’s innovation and creativity, which have been the hallmarks of the company since its inception. It will be a smartphone to watch out for in 2024.