Meta AI Chatbot Now Available to All Users in India

After a few months of testing during the general elections, Meta has made its Meta AI chatbot available to all users in India. This Llama-3-powered chatbot was previously rolled out in other countries but is now accessible to India’s extensive user base, including over 500 million WhatsApp users. This article explores the rollout, features, and current limitations of the Meta AI chatbot.

Introduction to Meta AI Chatbot in India

Meta has expanded the reach of its AI capabilities by launching them to all users in India. Initially tested across WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook, the chatbot is designed to provide a versatile AI experience similar to other prominent chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, and Anthropic’s Claude. Despite its advanced functionalities, the chatbot currently supports only English, with no local language support.

Testing Phase During General Elections

Meta started testing the Meta AI in India in April, targeting a select group of users across its major platforms. The rollout coincided with the general elections in the country, leading to a delay in its full deployment. The timing of the elections likely influenced Meta’s decision to postpone the chatbot’s availability to the wider Indian audience until now.

Meta AI Chatbot
Source: Meta

Features of the Meta AI Chatbot

General Capabilities

The Meta AI chatbot offers a range of functionalities comparable to other leading AI chatbots. Users can utilize it to:

  • Suggest Recipes: Ask the chatbot for cooking ideas and recipes.
  • Plan Workouts: Get personalized workout plans.
  • Write Emails: Receive assistance in drafting emails.
  • Summarize Text: Have large blocks of text summarized for easier understanding.

Platform-Specific Features

The Meta AI chatbot integrates uniquely with Meta’s suite of apps, offering tailored experiences on each platform:

  • Instagram: The chatbot can suggest Reels to watch based on user search queries.
  • Facebook: Users can interact with the chatbot directly from their feed. For instance, if you come across a photo of the aurora borealis, you can ask the chatbot for information about the best places and times to view the northern lights.
  • WhatsApp: Users can chat with the Meta AI chatbot individually or seek its assistance in group chats for activities like trip planning or movie selection.

Image Generation

The Meta AI chatbot also includes image generation capabilities based on user prompts. However, early testing revealed biases, such as a tendency to add turbans when generating images of Indian men and consistently creating depictions of traditional Indian houses. Meta has acknowledged these issues and continues to update its models to address such biases.

Access Points for Meta AI Chatbot

Meta has made the Meta AI chatbot accessible through the search bar in its various apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. This integration allows users to easily engage with the chatbot while navigating their favorite Meta platforms. Website

In addition to the in-app functionality, the Meta AI chatbot is also available through the website. This web-based access provides an alternative way for users to interact with the chatbot outside of Meta’s primary applications.

Source: Meta

Challenges and Considerations

Language Limitations

Despite the extensive rollout, the Meta AI chatbot currently supports only English. This limitation poses a challenge in a linguistically diverse country like India, where users communicate in multiple languages. The lack of local language support may restrict the chatbot’s usability for non-English-speaking users.

Privacy and Data Handling

Meta has emphasized that the Meta AI chatbot does not retain the context of group conversations beyond the specific text used to mention or reply to it. This design aims to balance functionality with user privacy. However, privacy concerns remain a critical consideration, especially given the chatbot’s integration into widely used platforms like WhatsApp.

Continuous Improvement

Meta acknowledges that the Meta AI chatbot is a work in progress. The company has committed to ongoing updates and improvements, ensuring the chatbot evolves to better meet user expectations and address identified biases. A spokesperson from Meta highlighted the importance of these continuous enhancements to refine the chatbot’s responses and capabilities.

Impact on the Indian Market

Enhancing User Engagement

The introduction of the Meta AI chatbot to India is expected to significantly enhance user engagement across Meta’s platforms. By providing interactive and personalized experiences, the chatbot encourages users to spend more time on Meta’s apps, leading to increased user retention and satisfaction.

Supporting Digital Literacy

The Meta AI chatbot also contributes to digital literacy by offering an intuitive and accessible interface. For users who may be less familiar with technology, the chatbot provides a straightforward way to interact with digital content, navigate Meta’s platforms, and access information.

Benefits for Local Businesses

Local businesses in India can leverage the Meta AI chatbot to improve customer interaction and service. SMEs can use the chatbot to handle inquiries, provide product information, and facilitate transactions, thereby enhancing their online presence and reaching a broader audience.


Meta’s decision to make the Meta AI chatbot available to all users in India represents a significant advancement in the company’s AI capabilities. Despite its current limitation to English, the chatbot offers a versatile and interactive tool for enhancing digital interactions. As Meta continues to update and refine its AI models, the Meta AI chatbot is poised to become a valuable asset for users and businesses alike, contributing to a more connected and engaging digital experience in India.