LG CNS Launches New AI Center to Boost Business Innovation

LG CNS, a leading company in digital transformation (DX), has launched a new AI Center to specialize in enterprise AI. The AI Center consolidates the company’s AI technology research, business development, and operation organizations to strengthen its generative AI service operations.

Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that can create new content or data based on existing data, such as text, images, audio, or code. LG CNS provides six generative AI solutions to its enterprise clients: Enterprise Knowledge Intelligence, Visual Content Generation, Digital Workspace Intelligence, Future Contact Center (FCC), Generative Business Intelligence (BI), and AI Coding.

How LG CNS applies generative AI to diverse industries

LG CNS is expanding its generative AI offerings to various industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, and the public sector. The company is developing customized generative AI services to meet the specific needs and situations of its clients.

For instance, They are working with a leading Korean bank to develop a business document search service using ChatGPT, a generative AI model for natural language processing. The service helps bank staff handle customer inquiries about hundreds of investment products without memorizing their details.

They are also creating generative AI services for images to improve the product design process for a prominent Korean manufacturing company. The services use DRAG, a generative AI for images based on multimodal capabilities, which can generate purpose-specific images for marketing professionals and non-experts.

LG CNS is in discussions with numerous companies regarding the application of its generative AI solutions.

How they collaborate with global big tech companies on generative AI


LG CNS is at the forefront of Korea’s generative AI sector, collaborating with several global big tech companies. In April 2023, the company partnered with Microsoft and is currently progressing a business using the Azure OpenAI Service, a cloud-based platform for accessing OpenAI’s hyper-scale AI models.

In early August, They invested in Anthropic, a U.S. startup that aims to create large-scale AI systems that can understand and interact with the world. They also actively discuss generative AI cooperation strategies with Google Cloud and AWS, the leading cloud service providers.

How they develop their generative AI solutions

LG CNS has developed its lineup of generative AI solutions, including the DAP GenAI platform, the multimodal Engine DRAG, and AI Coding, to provide the most optimal generative AI services to its corporate clients.

DAP GenAI is a platform that allows enterprise clients to develop generative AI services with customized language. By leveraging hyper-scale AI models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4, Anthropic’s Claude, Google’s PaLM2, and the LG AI Research Institute’s EXAONE, LG CNS can create tailored services such as document summarization, product recommendations, and report generation.

AI Coding is a generative AI for developing codes that support developers in building systems, applications, and services. By following commonly used coding standards, AI Coding increases developers’ productivity by over 30%.

In the past year, They undertook over 20 generative AI proof of concepts (PoC) alongside its enterprise clients. The LG CNS company aims to revolutionize its clients’ businesses by seamlessly connecting AI research to practical projects.

Yohan Chin, head of the AI Center at LG CNS D&A (Data Analytics & AI) Division, said, “LG CNS’s strength lies in the close collaboration between our talented AI and data teams, working together to enhance the exceptional AI services we offer to our corporate clients. Through this new AI Center, we aim to maximize business innovation for our enterprise clients.”