How Gong AI Boosts Sales Performance and Productivity

Gong AI, a leader in revenue intelligence software, has revealed how its artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming enterprise sales teams and leading to measurable improvements in productivity and revenue growth.

The company has published an in-depth analysis conducted by its research division, which examined more than 1 million sales opportunities across nearly 1,500 customers. The analysis showed that sales representatives using Gong AI-powered features achieved significantly higher win rates compared to those not leveraging the technology.

How Gong AI works

Gong AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze sales conversations and identify key deal characteristics, such as pain points, objections, next steps, and competitors. These insights are then translated into meaningful recommendations and workflows for sales teams.

Gong AI integrates seamlessly with sales teams’ workflows within Gong, enabling them to access the insights at any point of the sales cycle. This integration drives adoption and business impact across roles, from individual reps to executives.

Some of the Gong AI features that help sales teams improve their performance are:

  • Smart Trackers: These are customizable trackers that monitor specific deal attributes and alert sales reps and managers when they change or need attention. For example, a Smart Tracker can flag a deal that has no next steps or a competitor that has entered the conversation. Teams using Smart Trackers had 35% higher win rates, according to Gong’s analysis.
  • Ask Anything: This is a natural language query engine that allows sales reps to quickly surface insights by asking questions about their accounts and deals. For example, a rep can ask “What are the common objections in my pipeline?” or “Which deals are most likely to close this quarter?” and get instant answers from Gong AI. Teams using Ask Anything delivered 26% greater win rates, according to Gong’s analysis.
  • AI Writing Assistant: This is a feature that helps sales reps craft effective and personalized email follow-ups based on the insights from Gong AI. It also suggests the best time to send the email and the optimal subject line. Emails composed using Gong’s AI Writing Assistant rose 464% since February 2023, indicating that sales teams are quickly integrating AI into their daily workflows to boost productivity.

How AI differs from other AI solutions

Gong AI stands out from other AI solutions in the market because of its focus on highly accurate and tailored AI outputs for sales scenarios. This is achieved by training its models on billions of real sales conversations versus general internet data.

Gong AI also employs safeguards to reduce biases and errors in AI communications compared to general-purpose AI tools. For example, it pre-filters the training data and studies the real-world distributions to ensure the AI outputs are relevant and reliable.

Gong AI often outperforms off-the-shelf solutions like ChatGPT not only in accuracy but also capability. For example, Gong’s Next Steps feature delivers twice the accuracy of generic tools in surfacing action items from customer interactions.

How Gong will shape the future of sales

As AI becomes further embedded into sales processes, Gong AI will expand beyond point solutions to orchestrate entire revenue workflows from onboarding to cross-selling. Gong’s roadmap includes rounding out Ask Anything across the full deal and account histories and continuing to improve accuracy.

This AI-powered workflow automation will reshape the role of sales reps. Rather than replacing humans, Gong AI will handle administrative and data tasks so reps can focus on building customer relationships and higher-value activities.

Gong AI’s ability to translate raw data into insights that increase productivity, pipeline visibility, and revenue exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in sales. As more teams follow Gong’s lead, AI-human collaboration appears poised to drive the next evolution in sales performance.