Grok AI in Tesla Transforming Driving, Warning Against Impulse

Elon Musk’s recent updates on his X profile (previously known as Twitter) have been dominated by the announcement of Grok AI, the artificial intelligence assistant and language model developed by the Tesla CEO. This advanced AI assistant, created under his new venture xAI, is capable of competing with ChatGPT.

What sets Grok AI apart is its ability to employ sarcasm and deliver quick-witted humor, while also providing unfiltered advice. An interesting incident occurred when Elon Musk’s team asked for instructions on making homemade cocaine on Grok AI in Tesla

Surprisingly, the digital assistant was prepared to provide a step-by-step guide on creating the inhalable white powder within the confines of one’s home. However, it promptly advised against pursuing this endeavor due to its illegal nature.

Grok AI’s proficiency in sarcasm is exceptional. Consider Elon Musk’s post, where the AI assistant shares news about the convicted entrepreneur Samuel Benjamin Bankman-Fried, resembling a well-informed gossipmonger in the local community. The informal language used by Grok AI allows users to establish a stronger connection with the assistant.

This conversational style stands in stark contrast to the filtered language employed by other language models like ChatGPT. It is worth noting that this is merely a feature offered by Grok AI in Tesla and users have the option to disable it if they prefer a more formal tone in their interactions.

GROK AI in Tesla

Unrestricted amusement and current data

In a blog post, the CEO of Tesla states that xAI’s Grok has been designed to incorporate a touch of humor in its responses. By humor, he may imply that the AI assistant replies without any filters. Another aspect that Elon Musk takes pride in is Grok AI in Tesla capability to provide current and updated information in comparison to its counterparts.

To demonstrate this, the Tesla CEO presented examples of his AI assistant’s ability to remain up-to-date by posing the same question to another language model. The AI assistant can access real-time information by extracting it from X, which Elon Musk believes gives it a significant advantage over other models. This suggests that if a user inquires about recent news stories, some of the facts and figures provided by Grok AI may originate from X’s data.

On its website, the xAI team explains that Grok has access to search tools and real-time information. However, the team acknowledges that, like all language models trained on next-token prediction, Grok may generate false or contradictory information.

While still in the testing phase, the team has outlined some potential future capabilities for Grok, such as the ability to reference multiple sources, verify intermediate steps with external tools, seek human feedback when needed, and potentially incorporate video and audio features.

GROK AI in Tesla

On November 4th, 2023, Brian Roemmele, a user on the platform, shared a post stating that a smaller version of Grok AI will be able to operate directly on Tesla vehicles using their own computing power. Another user named Chuck Cook noticed that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, had liked this specific post and mentioned it in his own repost.

In response to Cook’s thread, Musk commented that if the AI computer in Tesla vehicles is capable of running the model, then Tesla will likely possess the largest amount of practical inference computing power on Earth. Musk further added that even in a future where robotaxis are prevalent, the cars will only be utilized for approximately one-third of the total hours in a week, leaving the remaining two-thirds for distributed inference tasks, similar to the concept of SETI.

Grok AI in Tesla and the upcoming Cybertruck, have the capability to engage in playful conversations with the driver while they are driving. Just imagine asking for assistance or directions, only to receive witty and sarcastic responses. This is what drivers can expect if the Grok AI is successfully installed in Tesla cars.

Elon Musk also mentioned in another post that the Grok AI assistant will be available as part of the X Premium+ package, which is priced at $16 per month.