Google’s ‘Help Me Write AI’: AI Extension for Chrome

Extending ‘Help Me Write AI’ to Chrome

Google aims to add an AI-powered ‘Help Me Write’ AI text generator to its Chrome browser, as per a report from 9To5Google. This feature already exists in Google Messages, Gmail, Docs, and Keep, but with some differences. Now, the tech giant plans to introduce it to the web browser. Users can give the AI a text prompt, and it creates responses or longer content based on that. This move extends the convenience of ‘Help Me Write AI’ to Chrome, allowing users to generate text quickly across various platforms with just a prompt.

The report says Google’s making ‘Help Me Write AI’ for Chrome on computers like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Inside Google, they call it ‘Compose’ or ‘CCO,’ but it will be the ‘Help Me Write’ AI tool for everyone when the final version comes out.

The report says a new ‘Help Me Write AI’ will be in Chrome. When you type online, it will pop up in the autofill. Additionally, it is possible to retrieve it by accessing the menu that appears when you right-click. This new thing will even check the page you’re on for more info before suggesting what to write. It’s like having a smart helper in your browser to give you ideas while you’re writing.

help me write ai

Tailoring AI Writing to Your Preferences

Google is thinking of letting you change how the AI writes. You could ask it to make the text shorter or longer, and even make it sound more relaxed or serious. This way, you get to choose how you want the AI to write things, making it suit your style better.

Google planned to release its foundation model, Gemini but delayed it to January due to issues handling non-English queries. The AI didn’t work well with these queries, so they postponed the launch to mid-December. Researchers found problems, prompting the delay to ensure better performance. Gemini, designed to assist with writing using AI, faced setbacks in handling diverse languages. Google aims to refine it for reliability, thus pushing the launch to January to address these concerns. This delay ensures they improve Gemini’s ability to assist users effectively across various languages within the ‘help me write AI’ domain.

In May at Google I/O, Google introduced the Gemini AI model. Gemini is super smart—it can understand and use info from lots of things like words, pictures, sounds, and videos all at once. Google’s goal? To give ChatGPT a run for its money in the creative AI world using Gemini’s versatile skills. Gemini’s like a multi-talented champ in gathering and using different types of info, and Google’s pumped about challenging ChatGPT with its new ‘help me write AI’.


In conclusion, Google’s ‘Help Me Write AI’ marks a significant leap in content creation tools. As writers embrace this extension, it serves as a beacon, illuminating a path where AI augments human creativity, offering indispensable support in the art of crafting compelling content.

As writers navigate the realm of ‘Help Me Write AI,’ it’s evident that the fusion of AI assistance with human creativity isn’t just a technological marvel—it’s a synergy that amplifies the writer’s prowess. This extension represents not just a tool but a writing companion, guiding the creative journey toward richer, more engaging content.

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