GenAI: How It Creates Incredible Opportunities for Digital Commerce in Manufacturing and Distribution

PhaseZero, a leading cloud platform for digital commerce solutions, has launched its enterprise-grade, generative AI (GenAI) capabilities for global manufacturing and distribution companies.

The new GenAI features for CxCommerce™ are based on PhaseZero’s innovative history, and they aim to help industrial manufacturers and distributors stand out from their competitors and maintain their edge by transforming their product sales and support experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Why GenAI is essential for manufacturers and distributors

Manufacturers and distributors worldwide face the challenge of adapting to the fast-changing needs and preferences of their workforce and customers. To stay ahead of the curve, they need to embrace innovation while managing the risks of adopting new technologies.

PhaseZero’s GenAI capabilities for CxCommerce™ offer a proven and reliable solution that reduces risk and allows manufacturers and distributors to implement cutting-edge features such as: quickly

  • CxChat, PhaseZero’s natural language copilot for product discovery and selection, helps customers and employees find the products and information they need faster by using PhaseZero’s proprietary models on top of general large language model (LLM) platforms that are trained on each customer’s catalogs, business information, and relevant content.
  • AI-generated marketing descriptions, which automatically create informative and industry-specific long descriptions, saving time and effort for manufacturers and distributors, providing them with complementary expertise, and enhancing their search engine optimization (SEO) ranking and conversions.

How GenAI is benefiting manufacturers and distributors

One of the customers who has benefited from PhaseZero’s GenAI capabilities for CxCommerce™ is Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists, a leading supplier of heavy vehicle parts and accessories. Ian Johnston, Vice-President of Operations & Marketing, said: “PhaseZero’s new GenAI technologies will help us accelerate the growth of our digital business. Adopting these innovative solutions will enable us to better serve our customers and improve our ability to attract and retain the next generation of tech-savvy employees.”

PhaseZero’s GenAI vision is to improve everyday efficiency for every step of the employee, customer, and end-user journey. By using and deploying GenAI technology, manufacturers and distributors can simplify and enhance customer journeys, while also boosting the performance of their business teams. Recommendations and guidance from GenAI improve decisions and actions that increase online sales, market share growth, customer service, and product and inventory performance.

How GenAI is protecting manufacturers and distributors


PhaseZero’s GenAI capabilities for CxCommerce™ are built with robust privacy and security protocols that use LLM models to safeguard company-specific data and privacy rights. The LLM model training is limited to each tenant’s data, ensuring that each customer’s value generated over time is preserved and secured.

PhaseZero Founder and CEO, Ram ChandraSekar, said: “To gain sustainable advantage in the experience economy, it’s not enough for manufacturers and distributors to become digital businesses – it’s a necessity. The PhaseZero CxCommerce™ platform, integrated with GenAI instrumentation, enables business leaders to drive continuous innovations so they can transform their businesses and deliver differentiated customer experiences, mitigate competitive risks, and improve everyday efficiency.”

What is the experience economy?

The experience economy is a term that describes the shift in the tourism industry from offering just physical products and services to providing unique and memorable experiences to tourists.

Some examples of the experience economy are:

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s, is a restaurant and entertainment center that hosts birthday parties and other events for kids, where the cake is often given for free.
  • Les Roches, is a hospitality management school that offers experiential learning programs for students who want to pursue careers in the tourism industry.
  • The Mining Company is a company that creates simulated environments where customers can experience the thrill of mining for gold, gems, and fossils.

The experience economy is important for tourism destinations because it helps them attract and retain visitors who are looking for more than just sun, sand, and sea. It also helps them differentiate themselves from their competitors and create loyal customers who are willing to pay more for the value of the experience.