Evolv Express: Elevating Security with the Latest AI Innovation at Ball Arena

Ball Arena, the home of the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche, has upgraded its security system with a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can identify weapons and differentiate them from other items. The technology, called Evolv Express, is provided by Evolv Technology, a company that specializes in touchless security screening solutions.

Evolv Express is designed to enhance the safety and convenience of guests and employees at Ball Arena. The technology can scan up to 3,600 people per hour, which is 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors. Guests can simply walk through the screening lanes without stopping, emptying pockets, or removing bags.

How Evolv Express Works

Evolv Express uses AI software and sensors to analyze the electromagnetic signals of objects that pass through the screening lanes. The software can recognize the signatures of weapons, such as guns, knives, or explosives, and alert the security staff. The software can also ignore harmless items, such as keys, phones, or coins, that would normally trigger false alarms in metal detectors.

Evolv Express is not only faster, but also more accurate and reliable than metal detectors. According to Evolv Technology, the system has a 94% detection rate and a 5% false positive rate, compared to 50% and 25%, respectively, for metal detectors. The system also has a built-in feedback mechanism that allows it to learn from its performance and improve over time.

The Benefits of Evolv Express

Evolv Express is not a new technology, but it is the first time that it is used at Ball Arena. The technology has been approved by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) and has been deployed at more than 40 other professional sports venues in the U.S., including DICK’S Sporting Goods Park, the home of the Colorado Rapids.

The main benefit of Evolv Express is that it can enhance the safety of the guests and employees at Ball Arena, by preventing potential threats and incidents. The technology can also improve the guest experience, by reducing the wait time and hassle of the screening process. Guests can enter the arena faster and enjoy the games or events without worrying about security issues.

Evolv Technology’s vice president, John Baier, said in an interview with FOX31 that the company’s goal is to “mitigate the need for the pain point, having people be safer and have a much better experience.” He added that “venues are not trying to keep metal out. The objective is to prevent the entry of weapons.

Austin McKenna, executive director of safety and security for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, the owner of Ball Arena, said in a press release that the company has had “nothing but positive results” from its relationship with Evolv Technology, both in Denver and Los Angeles. He expressed that upon the approval of the NBA and NHL, we were eager to introduce Evolv as it significantly enhances our primary concern – the safety of our customers and staff.

Evolv Express is one of the latest examples of how AI technology can be used to improve security and convenience in public venues. Ball Arena is among the first venues in the country to adopt this technology, and it may set a new standard for security screening in the future.

Advancing Technology and Strengthening Security Support at Evolv

Evolv co-founder Anil Chitkara emphasized that the recent update highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to technological advancements and enhancing support for individuals and procedures within a security plan.

Taking valuable customer feedback into account, the update enables customers to effortlessly train new Express operators and promptly respond to alerts as individuals navigate through the system. The redesigned tablet user interface prioritizes the requirements of operators, ensuring a seamless experience.