Discover Dili’s AI-Powered Automation: Revolutionizing Due Diligence

Stephanie Song’s Frustration Sparks Innovation

Stephanie Song, formerly part of the corporate development and ventures team at Coinbase, encountered recurring frustration due to the overwhelming volume of due diligence tasks confronting her and her team each day. Within this context, analysts found themselves burning the midnight oil, dedicating hundreds of hours to tasks that were often considered undesirable.

Concurrently, funds were actively exploring avenues to boost team efficiency and curtail operational expenses. This scenario underscores the critical need for Dili’s AI-powered automation to alleviate the burdensome nature of due diligence tasks.

The Birth of Dili’s AI-Powered Automation: Automating Due Diligence with AI

Inspired to find a better way, Song teamed up with Brian Fernandez and Anand Chaturvedi, two ex-Coinbase colleagues, to launch Dili’s AI-powered automation. Dili is a platform that seeks to automate key investment due diligence and portfolio management steps for private equity and VC firms using AI.

Despite its name similarity with the capital of East Timor, Dili aims to distinguish itself through its innovative approach to due diligence automation.

Venture Funding and Recognition

As a Y Combinator graduate, Dili has raised $3.6 million in venture funding to date. Its backers include prominent names such as Allianz Strategic Investments, Rebel Fund, Singularity Capital, and more. With this support, Dili is poised to revolutionize the due diligence landscape with its cutting-edge AI technology.

The Impact of AI on Investment Funds

Stephanie Song emphasizes that AI affects all parts of an investment fund, from analysts to partners and back-office functions. Investment professionals are increasingly seeking a differentiated edge on decision-making, leveraging their wealth of data to enhance deal understanding and fit within fund strategies. Dili’s unique technology offers a solution for funds seeking efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive market.

Dili's AI-Powered Automation

The Landscape of AI in Due Diligence

While Dili’s AI-powered automation isn’t the first to apply AI to due diligence, it distinguishes itself with what Song describes as “first-of-its-kind” technology. By delivering high accuracy on tasks like extracting financial metrics from unstructured documents, Dili sets itself apart in the AI-driven due diligence space.

Trust and Challenges in AI Adoption

Despite the promise of AI, challenges remain, including concerns about accuracy and bias. Dili addresses these concerns by continuously refining its models and ensuring customer data privacy. Additionally, Dili plans to offer a way for funds to create their own models trained on proprietary data, further enhancing trust and customization.

Expanding Horizons

Dili’s initial pilot with 400 analysts and users across various funds and banks demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As the startup expands its team and capabilities, it aims to become an “end-to-end” solution for investor due diligence and portfolio management, signaling a promising future for AI-powered automation in the financial industry.


In conclusion, Dili’s AI-powered automation represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of due diligence and portfolio management for investment firms. Inspired by real-world frustrations and fueled by a vision for efficiency and innovation, Stephanie Song and her team have crafted a platform that not only streamlines tedious tasks but also enhances decision-making capabilities through the power of AI.

With significant venture funding and recognition from industry leaders, Dili’s AI-powered automation stands at the forefront of a rapidly evolving landscape where AI is reshaping traditional processes. While challenges such as accuracy and bias persist, Dili remains committed to refining its technology and addressing customer concerns, ensuring trust and reliability every step of the way.