Discover Darwin AI: Empower Small Businesses with Conversational AI

Revolutionizing Sales Processes for Small Companies in Latin America

Smaller companies in Latin America are increasingly eager to leverage AI technology to enhance their sales processes, just like their larger counterparts. However, many of these businesses lack the in-house IT expertise or financial resources required to implement enterprise-level AI tools such as OpenAI or Anthropic.

Darwin AI, a startup based in Brazil, is addressing this gap by developing a conversational AI assistant tailored for small businesses across Latin America. This AI assistant aims to provide companies without dedicated IT staff the ability to harness AI technology to interact with customers more effectively, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Moreover, should a conversation require escalation, either due to a negative turn or the emergence of a sales lead, the AI assistant seamlessly transitions to involve human intervention.

Founders’ Vision and Journey: From the Sirena. app to Darwin AI

The minds behind Darwin AI, Lautaro Schiaffino, and Ezequiel Sculli, previously co-founded Sirena. app. This venture successfully developed a shared inbox tool for WhatsApp tailored for midmarket companies, eventually achieving annual recurring revenue of $15 million and expanding its presence to 25 countries before being acquired by Zenvia in 2020.

Following their tenure at Zenvia, Schiaffino and Sculli embarked on a new journey, driven by the desire to continue serving the same market segment.

Their goal was to demystify complex technologies and make them accessible to businesses lacking the technical expertise or resources to develop such solutions independently.

 Darwin AI
Source: Darwin AI

Simplifying AI for Small Businesses: Addressing Pain Points

Schiaffino highlighted the challenges faced by small businesses in implementing AI solutions: “AI is a great opportunity, but difficult to implement for small businesses.”

Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the Latin American midmarket, particularly in the realm of business-to-consumer interactions, they identified a critical issue: while leads were abundant, conversion rates remained low, often necessitating numerous interactions to secure a sale.

To address this challenge, Schiaffino and Sculli spearheaded the development of Darwin AI’s system. This system seamlessly integrates with a company’s customer relationship management tool, utilizing AI to evaluate potential sales leads and escalate promising prospects to human sales representatives.

Employing sophisticated algorithms, Darwin AI prioritizes leads and customers based on the unique needs of each business, facilitating meaningful interactions and driving sales conversion.

Expanding Horizons: Growth Potential in the Conversational AI Market

As automation becomes increasingly prevalent across industries, the conversational AI market is poised for substantial growth, with projections indicating a 20% annual increase through 2030.

This burgeoning market has attracted the attention of numerous startups aiming to address the needs of enterprises, including recent entrants such as Rasa,, DXwand, and OpenDialog.

Darwin AI continues to evolve its AI system, expanding its user base and fine-tuning its capabilities.

The company is on the brink of introducing a self-learning AI function, which promises to expedite the onboarding process for businesses, eliminating the need for specialized IT teams.

Success Stories and Milestones: Evolution of Darwin AI

Since its inception in 2023, Darwin AI has facilitated thousands of conversations and garnered a clientele spanning multiple countries, including Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia.

The company is on track to surpass one million conversations this year and has integrated with platforms such as Zapier, enhancing its accessibility and usability for businesses across the region.

From its inception, Darwin AI has generated revenue, signaling its resonance with the market.

Schiaffino noted that customers were willing to pay for the service even before the development of a user interface, underscoring its value proposition.

The company offers various pricing plans, including setup fees, monthly fixed plans, and usage-based fees per conversation, with additional tiers slated for introduction soon.

Securing Support and Funding for Growth: Darwin AI’s Funding Journey

Darwin AI has secured a total of $2.5 million in funding, encompassing pre-seed and seed rounds. The most recent funding round, led by Canary and totaling $2.1 million, saw participation from prominent investors such as H20 Capital Innovation, Dalus Capital, FJ Labs, and Latitude Capital.

Schiaffino outlined the allocation of funds, emphasizing their utilization for product development, market expansion, and bolstering operational capabilities to ensure the continued quality of service.

In conclusion, Darwin AI is not merely revolutionizing sales processes for small companies in Latin America; it is also democratizing AI adoption for businesses constrained by limited resources.

With its innovative approach and commitment to empowering small businesses, Darwin AI is poised to make a significant impact in the region’s AI landscape, driving growth and success for years to come.