Chrome AI Features: Discover How Google Enhances Its Web Browser

The 3 New Chrome AI features: How Google enhances its web browser

Google is boosting its Chrome web browser with 3 new AI features in the latest release. The company announced today that it will soon introduce three new AI-powered features to Chrome for Mac and Windows. These features will help users to smartly organize their tabs, customize their theme, and get assistance when writing on the web.

How the Chrome AI writing helper works and what it can do

The Chrome AI writing helper is a feature that helps users write various types of content on the web, such as forum posts, online reviews, business reviews, and more. The feature is similar to Google’s experimental AI search experience, SGE (Search Generative Experience), which helps users draft emails in different tones and lengths.

The Chrome AI writing helper can suggest words, phrases, and sentences to complete or improve the user’s writing. The feature can also adapt to the user’s style, tone, and purpose of writing.

The feature is still experimental and will be available in next month’s Chrome release. Users can access it by right-clicking on a text box or field on the web and choosing “help me write.” Users will then write a few words and Google’s AI will jump in to help.

Google says that the Chrome AI writing helper can help users to write better and faster on the web and to express themselves more clearly and creatively.

How the Chrome AI tab organizer works and what it can do

Chrome AI Features
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The Chrome AI tab organizer is a feature that helps users manage their tabs more easily and efficiently. The feature uses AI to automatically suggest and create groups of tabs based on the tabs that users already have open.

The feature is useful for users who keep many tabs open for various purposes, such as online shopping, researching, trip planning, or other tasks. The feature can help users to find and switch between tabs more quickly and conveniently.

The feature will be available by right-clicking on a tab and selecting “Organize Similar Tabs.” Chrome will also suggest names and emojis for the tab groups it creates to make them more recognizable and fun.

Google says that the Chrome AI tab organizer can help users save time and space and stay focused and organized on the web.

How the Chrome AI theme creator works and what it can do

The Chrome AI theme creator is a feature that helps users personalize their browsers with custom themes. The feature uses AI to generate themes based on the user’s preferences and mood.

The feature is inspired by the new generative AI wallpaper experience that recently arrived on Android 14 and Pixel devices. The feature uses the same text-to-image diffusion model to create themes from text inputs.

Users can easily create themes based on subject, mood, visual style, and color using the new “Create with AI” option in the “Customize Chrome” side panel. Simply click on “Change theme” to access this feature. Additionally, users have the option to select from a range of vibrant and uncomplicated themes provided by Chrome or choose from themes crafted by talented artists.

Google says that the Chrome AI theme creator can help users express themselves and create a browser that matches their current vibe.

How to access the Chrome AI features and what to expect

Google is working on improving its web browser, Chrome, by incorporating AI and machine learning tools. In the upcoming year, Chrome will receive updates with additional AI and ML features. These enhancements will be made possible through integrations with Gemini, Google’s new AI model. The aim is to make web browsing a more seamless experience.

The Chrome AI features are rolling out gradually to users in the U.S. on both Mac and Windows with the current Chrome release (M121). The writing helper will be available in next month’s release, while the tab organizer and the theme creator will be available in the next few days.

To access the features, users will need to sign into Chrome, select “Settings” from the three-dot menu, and then navigate to the “Experimental AI” page. The company mentions that due to the experimental nature of the features, they will not be available to enterprise and educational customers for now.

Other AI-powered and ML tools in Chrome include features like captioning audio and video, protecting users from harmful sites with Android’s Safe Browsing, muting permission prompts, and summarizing web pages with the “SGE while browsing” feature.

Google is adding new AI features to Chrome, such as a writing helper, a tab organizer, and a theme creator. These features can help users write, organize, and personalize their web browsing experience.