AI-Infused Innovations: Mahindra’s Breakthrough in Auto Safety Technology

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), the renowned sports utility vehicle (SUV) specialist, will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the safety features of their vehicles. The upcoming range of electric vehicles from M&M will be equipped with advanced collision avoidance systems, lane assist, and various other luxurious amenities, all powered by AI technology. These innovations are set to debut in the coming years, ensuring a seamless and secure driving experience for customers.

Mahindra’s AI-Powered Solutions Enhancing Lane Safety and Driver Assistance

One of the main reasons for car accidents around the globe is incorrect decision-making when changing lanes. Often, drivers neglect to use turn signals during these maneuvers, resulting in accidents. To prevent such incidents, an AI-assisted system can utilize onboard sensors to detect and alert drivers about approaching vehicles in nearby lanes. Additionally, artificial intelligence will be employed in various other applications such as automatic braking or emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and auto park assist.

In an exclusive interview with FE, R Velusamy, the president of automotive technology and product development at Mahindra, emphasized the potential of AI in various aspects of product development. He highlighted its applicability in areas such as aerodynamic optimization, weight optimization, and crash simulations, enabling the selection of optimal combinations.

The organization is currently developing a range of 5-6 all-electric SUVs that are scheduled to be released between 2025 and 2028. These automobiles will set a new standard for the brand in terms of technological advancements and vehicle aesthetics.

AI’s Role in Revolutionizing Vehicle Safety and Efficiency

According to Velusamy, advanced vehicle features focused on safety will heavily depend on AI-powered algorithms, surpassing traditional passive safety measures such as airbags and seat belts. He emphasized that AI can play a crucial role in achieving the most efficient vehicle design in terms of aerodynamics and minimizing wind resistance at high speeds. Additionally, in the event of an accident, AI can provide utmost safety to the occupants of the vehicle.


Velusamy added that AI can be utilized through cloud computing to integrate with the vehicle’s computer systems. This integration allows for the implementation of algorithms that aid in making real-time decisions, such as those required for ADAS, autonomous driving, rectifying issues, and providing customer alerts.

In addition to product features, the domain where AI will excel is the realm of vehicle production. The duration and expenses involved in the manufacturing process can be substantially reduced, all the while enhancing the overall standard of quality.

Efficiency through Algorithmic Streamlining: Redefining Aerodynamic Simulations

Velusamy stated that by utilizing an algorithm, the 400 aerodynamic simulations conducted on computers can be reduced to 250, and this reduced number will be maintained. Consequently, the outcome is a significant reduction in the number of run hours on the computer systems.

AI has been embraced by more than just M&M. Apollo Tyres, India’s second-largest tyre manufacturer by tonnage, has also integrated AI into its manufacturing operations. This adoption has resulted in increased efficiency, improved quality, and enhanced output at their plants, all without incurring any additional costs.

Apollo, a company based in Delhi, asserts that it has successfully attained an efficiency rate of over 8% through the utilization of AI. This enhancement has instilled a sense of optimism within its management, as they anticipate the continued improvement of profit margins as per their guidance.


In conclusion, M&M’s AI-infused innovations mark a paradigm shift in automotive safety, heralding a future where cars aren’t just machines but intelligent guardians. As these innovations continue to evolve, the alliance between AI and automotive safety promises safer roads for drivers and pedestrians alike.

As M&M’s AI-infused safety systems navigate the roads alongside drivers, their presence signifies a significant step toward intelligent vehicular safety. It’s not just about technology; it’s about fostering a safer, more secure automotive landscape where AI serves as a protective shield, mitigating risks and ensuring safer journeys for all.