Google’s Latest Update to Battling the Threat of AI Deepfakes

Empowering Users

Google continues to push the boundaries of technology with its latest updates to Android, Search, and Play Store. These updates share a common theme – empowering users to uncover the truth about deepfakes and providing mechanisms to report them. Not only are these updates focused on maintaining a safe and reliable user experience, but they also aim to enhance discovery options for users.

Play Store Policy Update for AI Apps

One of the areas where Google is making significant changes is Google Play. The company recently announced its plans to update the app policies for generative AI apps. The new policy, set to be implemented early next year, will require every app that utilizes AI chatbots or image generators to include an in-app reporting mechanism for offensive AI content. This reporting mechanism, integrated within the app itself, will play a vital role in informing content filtering and moderation for each AI-based app. It is important to note that this requirement aligns with Google’s existing policies against creating restricted content, such as child abuse material.

About This Google Image Feature

In addition to the updates to Google Play, the search giant is also introducing a feature that allows users to explore the history of an image. This feature, called “About this image,” was initially announced at Google I/O in May and has now started to roll out to users. By clicking on an image and selecting “About this image,” users can view web results that show where the image has been used before on the internet. This feature aims to provide users with a deeper understanding of the image’s origin and authenticity. As an example, Google used the image of a crooked house in Poland to demonstrate how users can now verify that the image is indeed a real structure and not a digital illusion.

The “About this image” tool offers more than just the image’s history. It also provides insights into whether the image has been referenced by fact-checking sites or if it was used without permission. Additionally, users can access the image’s metadata, which may include tags indicating whether it was generated by AI. To ensure transparency, Google and Adobe have committed to including a metadata mark on anything created with their respective AI art generators. However, it’s worth noting that modifying these metadata tags is relatively easy.

While “About this image” is currently only available in regular searches, Google has plans to expand access to this tool in the future. This expansion will make it even easier for users to verify the authenticity of images they come across on the internet, helping them distinguish between real and manipulated content.

about image Google AI prevents deepfake
Source : Google

AI Chatbot on Search Results

Another significant update comes to the Search Generative Experience (SGE) beta. This update introduces an AI chatbot to search function, providing users with more information about certain sources based on data from high-quality sites. When there isn’t any information available from Wikipedia or Google Knowledge Graph, users can turn to the “About this result” section to get additional insights and context. This integration of an AI chatbot within the search results aims to enhance the search experience and provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of the information they are accessing.

These updates demonstrate the company’s commitment to user safety and their dedication to enhancing search experiences. By leveraging AI and providing users with powerful tools, it is empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. The focus on deepfakes and offensive AI content reflects the company’s understanding of the potential dangers posed by manipulated media.

Through these updates, Google is taking proactive steps to ensure the integrity and authenticity of content on its platforms, while also providing users with the tools they need to make informed decisions. As technology continues to evolve, Google remains at the forefront, continuously innovating to provide the best possible user experience.

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