Adobe AI Music Generator: A New Amazing Tool To Create Tunes With Text

Have you ever wanted to create your music but felt intimidated by the complexity of the process? Or maybe you are a podcaster who needs some background music for your show but doesn’t have the time or budget to hire a professional composer. If so, you might be interested in Adobe’s new prototype tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate musical compositions based on simple text descriptions.

Adobe’s AI music generator, Project Music GenAI, is a cutting-edge tool that aims to democratize music creation and make it accessible to anyone. Whether you are a beginner or a hobbyist, you can use Project Music GenAI to create customized tracks that suit your needs and preferences.

How to use Adobe AI music generator

Using Adobe AI music generator is easy and fun. All you need to do is type in a text description of the kind of music you want, such as “intense hip-hop” or “upbeat jazz”. Project Music GenAI will then produce a musical track that matches your description. You can listen to the AI-generated music and decide if you like it or not.

But that’s not all. Adobe AI music generator also allows you to edit the AI-generated music within the tool itself. You don’t need to download or export the music to another software to make changes. You can adjust various aspects of the music, such as the tempo, the melody patterns, the intensity, and the structure. You can also remix sections of the music or loop them to extend the length of the audio clip. This is especially useful for podcasters who need to create intros and outros for their shows.

Another feature that sets Adobe AI music generators apart from other AI music generators is the ability to refine the AI music by providing a reference melody. For example, you can hum or whistle a tune and Project Music GenAI will use it as a guide to generate a similar track. This allows you to have more control over the final output without having to manually edit the audio waveforms in a digital audio workstation.

How Adobe AI music generator works

Adobe AI music generator

Adobe AI music generator uses artificial intelligence to generate musical compositions based on text descriptions. To train its algorithms, Adobe used only public domain compositions as the source material for Project Music GenAI. This ensures that the AI music generator does not infringe on any copyrights or intellectual property rights.

Adobe AI music generator uses a deep neural network to learn the patterns and features of different musical genres and styles. It then uses natural language processing to understand the text descriptions and generate music that fits the criteria. The AI music generator can produce music in various genres, such as rock, pop, classical, and more.

When will Adobe AI music generator be available?

Adobe AI music generator is still in the early stages of development and Adobe has not announced when it will launch or how much it will cost. It is also unclear if the AI music generator will be integrated into Adobe’s existing creative apps, such as Audition and Premiere Pro, or if it will be a standalone product.

For now, Adobe AI music generator is aimed at amateur musicians and podcasters who want to create quick and customized music without any formal training. But in the future, it could also benefit professional sound designers and composers who need AI-generated draft melodies to inspire their work.

Adobe AI music generator is a promising tool that could revolutionize the music industry and empower anyone to create music with ease. If you are interested in trying out Project Music GenAI, you can sign up for Adobe’s early access program and get notified when the tool is ready.