The 7 Best Audio Editors for Linux: Your Ultimate Guide

Audio editing on the Linux platform has witnessed remarkable growth and development over the years, catering to the needs of musicians, sound engineers, podcasters, and audio enthusiasts alike. In a world where audio content is on the rise, having reliable and versatile audio editing software on your Linux system is not just a preference; it’s a necessity.

Throughout this, we will explore a carefully curated selection of the best audio editors for Linux. From feature-rich digital audio workstations to lightweight and user-friendly editors, we will provide insights, features, and installation instructions for each option.

Whether you’re a seasoned Linux user or a newcomer, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed choice and discover the “Best Audio Editors for Linux” that suit your requirements. So, let’s dive into the world of Linux audio editing and unlock your creative potential.

Best Audio Editors for Linux

Best Audio Editors for Linux

1. Audacity

  • Audacity stands out as a user-friendly and versatile audio editing tool, empowering you to effortlessly record, manipulate, and transform audio content. With its robust support for multiple tracks, you can seamlessly layer audio, apply various effects, and craft intricate soundscapes.
  • Furthermore, Audacity boasts an array of editing functionalities, including cutting, copying, pasting, seamless fading, noise reduction, spectral analysis, and equalization, enhancing the overall editing experience.
  • Audacity is entirely free to download and use, making it a valuable resource for both audio enthusiasts and professionals. Its reputation as a top-notch recording software for musicians further solidifies its status in audio editing.


  • For Linux enthusiasts seeking the best audio editors for Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) stands out as a robust Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This exceptional software offers an intuitive interface coupled with an array of powerful features, making it one of the best audio editors for the Linux platform.
  • LMMS provides a comprehensive DAW experience, including pattern-based arranging, MIDI sequencing, and seamless integration with virtual instruments. This feature-rich environment empowers music producers to craft intricate beats, melodies, and harmonies effortlessly.
  • These elements combine to transform any Linux system into a versatile and powerful music creation hub. Whether you’re a seasoned music producer or a newcomer, LMMS is undoubtedly one of the best audio editors for Linux, providing the tools you need to unleash your creative potential.

3. Ardour

  • Ardour stands out as an exceptional digital audio workstation (DAW) tailored to meet the most demanding audio editing and mixing needs on the Linux platform. It’s recognized for its robust capabilities, versatile tools, and seamless performance.
  • With Ardour, you have the advantage of unlimited tracks, providing ample room for your creative endeavors. Its array of features includes session management, ensuring you can easily organize and access your projects.
  • Whether your audio endeavors involve music production, soundtrack creation, or podcasting, Ardour’s extensive toolkit and collaborative features position it as a top choice for Linux users. It’s a versatile, reliable, and powerful DAW that empowers you to achieve your audio editing and mixing goals effectively and efficiently.
Best Audio Editors for Linux


  • REAPER is renowned as a robust and efficient audio editor, acclaimed for its outstanding performance. Its hallmark features include a highly customizable interface and an extensive array of plugins, granting users the ability to tailor their editing environment precisely to their liking.
  • Furthermore, what sets REAPER apart is its remarkable scripting capabilities, empowering advanced users to automate intricate tasks, thus making it the top choice for those looking to enhance their editing workflow.
  • For musicians, podcasters, podcast production companies, and audio professionals, REAPER provides an exceptional platform for turning creative visions into reality. It offers an array of impressive features, including MIDI recording, multi-channel audio support, and seamless integration with virtual instruments.

5. Rosegarden

  • Rosegarden stands out as one of the best audio editors for Linux, offering a comprehensive MIDI and audio sequencing experience tailored for musicians and composers. Its robust feature set caters to the diverse needs of music enthusiasts.
  • Rosegarden doesn’t stop at MIDI; it also supports audio tracks, making it a versatile tool for creating intricate musical compositions. Users can layer audio tracks and apply a variety of effects, giving them the freedom to craft complex and immersive musical arrangements.
  • Rosegarden is the best audio editors for Linux that caters to the specific needs of musicians and composers. Its combination of MIDI and audio editing features, along with its support for external hardware, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking the best audio editing experience on the Linux platform.
Best Audio Editors for Linux

6. Qtractor

  • Qtractor stands as a prime example of excellence among audio and MIDI multi-track sequencers designed exclusively for Linux users. It caters to a wide audience, welcoming both newcomers and seasoned professionals with its intuitive modular interface.
  • One of its standout features is its compatibility with the JACK Audio Connection Kit, ensuring a low-latency performance that is crucial for demanding audio tasks.
  • Qtractor deserves its place among the best audio editors for Linux, offering a rich set of features and exceptional performance that elevates your creative projects to new heights.

7. Mixxx

  • Mixxx stands out as a premier DJ software tailor-made for Linux enthusiasts looking to craft exceptional mixes and remixes. Designed with precision, Mixxx is armed with features like automatic beat synchronization, dual decks, and real-time effects, making it a dynamic platform suitable for live performances and studio ventures alike.
  • Its user-friendly interface sets Mixxx apart, providing DJs of all experience levels with an intuitive and seamless platform for blending tracks, applying effects, and engaging with their audience.
  • Whether you’re a budding DJ taking your first steps or a seasoned pro, Mixxx proves to be an indispensable tool in your creative arsenal, earning its place among the “Best Audio Editors for Linux.”


When it comes to finding the “Best Audio Editors for Linux,” we’ve explored a diverse range of options, each catering to different preferences and needs. Linux users are fortunate to have access to a plethora of audio editing software that rivals proprietary alternatives in terms of functionality and usability.

The beauty of open-source software is its adaptability and the thriving community behind it. These editors continue to evolve, offering new features and improvements regularly. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest developments in the Linux audio editing ecosystem to make the most of your chosen software.

Ultimately, the “Best Audio Editors for Linux” come down to your specific needs and preferences. We encourage you to explore these options, experiment, and discover the one that best aligns with your creative endeavors. The Linux platform continues to be a vibrant hub for audio enthusiasts, and the right audio editor can be your gateway to unleashing your full creative potential.