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EHR Integration for a Senior Living and Care Organization

EHR Integration for a Senior Living and Care Organization

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About the Client

Our esteemed client is a market leader in providing cutting-edge information technologies to senior living and care organizations and wanted EHR Integration for a Senior Living and Care Organization. They serve a large network of over 200 clients and have a distinguished presence in twelve states.

They empower these organizations with value-driven technology solutions, revolutionizing the landscape of care delivery, thanks to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Challenge – EHR Integration for a Senior Living and Care Organization

Our client initiated a transformative journey to update and modernize their online presence to match the evolving digital landscape. Their primary vision involved creating a dynamic, fluid website that was not only engaging to visitors but also simplified internal processes. They decided to utilize an easy-to-navigate Content Management System (CMS) as the backbone of this initiative, enabling straightforward content updates and management. This strategic integration meant the website could remain up-to-date and relevant, reflecting the latest developments and communications from the organization.

In parallel, the seamless integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) was a critical component of their digital transformation. The client recognized the need for a robust platform that could facilitate rapid, encrypted, and secure information exchange among a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Implementing EHR was seen as a monumental step towards enhancing operational efficiencies, streamlining caregiver workflows, and most importantly, bolstering the delivery of care through timely access to health records.

Beyond the foundational and functional enhancements, the client aspired to infuse their website with multiple sophisticated features to provide a comprehensive digital experience. They envisaged including a content-rich blog to disseminate valuable insights, a full-featured events section to promote community interaction, and a dedicated career portal to streamline talent acquisition. Additionally, understanding the importance of support, they planned for a responsive help desk, alongside a powerful, intuitive search mechanism enhancing the user’s journey across the platform.

Furthermore, the modernization was not considered complete without incorporating a seamless social media experience. The integration aimed to ensure that content could be easily shared across various networks, thereby increasing the organization’s visibility. It also meant opening up new channels of engagement, feedback, and interaction with their audience. This extensive and multifaceted approach necessitated a thorough website redesign, which was not just about aesthetics but a strategic overhaul to resonate with their commitment to providing exceptional care and communication.


We made a calculated and strategic decision to harness the capabilities of Umbraco CMS, a platform known for its versatility and resilience. This choice was instrumental in empowering our client, enabling them to construct websites meticulously designed and tailored to echo their specific vision and objectives. The robustness of Umbraco CMS provided an adaptable foundation, essential for the diverse and particular demands of contemporary web development.

In the development phase, we capitalized on the agility and efficiency of C# programming language. This approach allowed our developers to craft custom features with high precision, each element finely tuned and responsive to the client’s unique needs and specifications. We dedicated substantial effort to ensuring that these custom components were not only fully functional but also seamlessly integrated into a Microsoft-based infrastructure, guaranteeing optimal performance, reliability, and scalability in the client’s operations.

Furthermore, we selectively employed various Umbraco extensions, including but not limited to UmbSearch2, Search Plugin, and IFilter. The judicious use of these enhancements was by no means arbitrary; rather, it was crucial to bolstering the website’s overall capabilities. By integrating these tools, we were able to significantly refine the website’s functionality and performance metrics. This strategy played a pivotal role in not just meeting the standard user experience requirements but elevating them to a level that ensured the final product handily exceeded client expectations.

In this vein, our objective was not merely to utilize these technologies but to orchestrate them in a manner that would lead to a superior, more intuitive user interface and experience. The delicate balancing act between various extensions and custom-built functionalities was critical in achieving a harmonious, high-performing platform that aligned perfectly with our client’s visionary outlook. This meticulous process underscored our commitment to delivering a product that was not just functional, but also groundbreaking in its design and usability.


We successfully delivered a CMS-based website that was seamlessly integrated with EHR capabilities, perfectly aligning with the client’s precise specifications and exceeding their expectations.

The website has an elegantly designed interface that exudes sophistication and perfectly mirrors the client’s brand identity and core values.

The website includes a dynamic blog, event management functionality, a comprehensive careers section, a responsive help desk system, robust site-wide search functionality, and seamless social media integration among its many features.

These features work together to provide users with a wealth of relevant and captivating content, enhancing their overall experience.

Client Feedback

The client was extremely pleased with our work, emphasizing our unwavering professionalism and deep expertise throughout the project. Their positive feedback included compliments on the website, which not only met but exceeded their expectations.

They even stated that they are eager to recommend our services to others, which is a testament to the exceptional quality and commitment we bring to our work.


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